Community Manager Appreciation Day.  This day's popularity is in lock-step with the growth of social business.  Last year, I spent cmad introducing myself as the new Jive Community Manager and getting read into the cmgr life-style.  This year, I'm 1 year into my role in the Jive Community and its been an exciting time.  We've introduced the thriveonjive community on-boarding experience, new and improving community IA, and most notable, an upgrade to Jive 6!  But enough about the Jive Community, let's get to the topic at hand: winning a #CMAD iPad Mini!


This year for cmad13, Jive is looking to shed some more light on community managers around the world, and what better way to do it than through Gamification and giving away an iPad!  Follow the instructions below, and let's start showing some appreciation!


How to Participate?

  1. Join the Jive Community (see Rules & Restrictions, below)
  2. Share your best community manager story as a comment on this blog post, and receive 1 entry into the random drawing! (see Rules & Restrictions, below)
    • Story Suggestions
      • As a community member, share an experience with a community manager that was awesome!
      • As a community manager, share an experience with a community member that made your day!
      • Requirement:  Story must pertain to named person(s)
    • Story Recommendations
      • Give praise where praise is do.  If your story was made possible by someone, or something you learned, take the chance show your appreciation!
      • If applicable, reference pictures and link to relevant discussions/articles to add color to your story.  (see Rules & Restrictions, below)
      • Story Length:  3 - 8 sentences, or however long is needed to convey your story.
  3. Use the following link to retweet this blog post via Twitter, and receive 1 additional entry into the random drawing!(see Rules & Restrictions, below)


How To Win?


Game Format:  Random Drawing

  • Rules & Restrictions:
    • Deadline for story submissions and social tweets is Monday, January 28th, 2013 - 5PM PST
    • Winner must be a registered member in the Jive Community.
    • Winner must submit a community manager story on this blog post's comments.
    • Random Drawing format is contingent on a minimum of 40 entries (i.e. 20 stories + 20 Tweets, 30/10, 40/0, etc...)
      • If the number of entries is less than 40, the winner will be selected by the Jive Social Team, based on story quality (See: Story Recommendations, above)


  • Share your best community manager story on this blog post's comments.
    • *Bonus Entry:  Share this blog post on Twitter using the above Link (see: How to Participate? Step 3, above)




  • 1 Grand Prize - iPad Mini 16GB - WiFi - (Color selected by Winner)
  • All contributors will receive 500 points in the Jive Community
  • All contributors will receive the limited edition #CMAD13 Jive Community badge

Winners Announced:

  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 @ 2:00 PM PST here in the Jive Community!  So stay tuned!