cmad2013_300.pngBefore I announce the winner, (you didn't think it would be that easy ) ... I wanted to personally say thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to share your stories.  Not only was was it great to read about your experiences as community managers, but it also reinforces my belief that the role of a community manager has the potential to impact so much more than any job description can define!  To make sure these stories were give there proper due, here is a curation of the stories that were shared:


Matt Nevill - A story of how customer support communities can impact customer loyalty in the best way possible! - read more

Danielle Higgins - A story that highlights the values of UAT and how powerful a 4 little numbers can be. =) - read more

Megan Truett - A story that shows how a social intranet platform can increase an employee's connectedness to the company. - read more

Tracy Maurer - A story of hope and humanity brought by bringing a company's employees together in times of crisis. - read more

Gina Bowen - A story that demonstrates the value of community, which includes learning from your customers. - read more

Laura McCullum - A story about impressing people with some cool tools. - read more

James Bouy - A story about getting the word out. - read more

Sallie Doss - A story about customers finally realizing the value of the community - read more

Michael Ramirez - A story of a little "littering" bird and its impact on community engagement. - read more

Robin Moore - A story about putting faces to names, in a fun way. - read more

Steve Golab - A story about converting people into believers in the power of community. - read more

Sunil Kumar - A story about meeting a friend you've already met before. - read more

Jose Maria Gonzalez Vazquez- A story about how partnering with the right technologies can make a difference. - read more

Jose Luis Romero - A story of 6 little letters:  T  ... H  ... A ... N ... K ... S - read more

Ann Armstrong w/Emily Stickler - A story of diplomacy and leadership in times of corporate change. - read more

Vu Doan w/Hassan Atassi & Matt McLaughlin - A story of passing the torch and a bright future! - read more

Lindsay Lamb - A story of putting praise above prize (thanks lindsay ) - read more

Chris Hartley w/Brennan Till - A story of pioneers, parenthood and community - read more

Bruce York- A story of over-zealous helping, perhaps. - read more

john ridings w/Deirdre Walsh - A story about how a community of people can turn the tide on a business decision! - read more

Arizona (Sherril) Lowe - A story of new blood, playing games and getting people engaged and educated at the same time! - read more

Sandra Zurawski w/Jason Rapps & Jennifer Mesenbrink - A story about standing at the precipice of change and looking ahead. - read more and here

Kirsten Laaspere - A story of why its cool to be a community manager, and ice cream. - read more

LG .- A story about why your's truly shouldn't stray too far from the English language - read more

Jason Cao - A story about blogging it forward to a total stranger - read more

Israel Heskiel w/Kirsten Laaspere - A story smiles, engagement and education - read more

Emilie Kopp - A story of building better products with a growing community. - read more

Deepa Ramesh - A story of community gardening and appreciation. - read more

Scott McLellan & Kate Goodyear w/Kirsten Laaspere - A story of answering questions and driving adoption. - read more and here

Kevin Crossman - A story about rapid user adoption and executive sponsorship. - read more

Dustin Smith w/Tracy Fitzgerald - A story about bacon, learning the ropes, and experiencing awesomeness first-hand. - read more

Shirlin Hsu - A story of mentorship here in the JC with Miriam Smith and winning creating an HR advocate. - read more

Mark Schwanke - A story about sharing the glory to the unsung heroes of the community, your moderators. - read more

Brian Bezanson w/Laura McCullum - A story about user experience, training, and how they can come together under the community manager position. - read more


And now, onto the winner ...

To be fair, I want to outline the process I used for selecting this winner.  In part to share the process with you in the event you wanted to do a similar game in your community.  First off, we well eclipsed the 40 entry mark on stories, so thanks again to everyone.  I pulled information from Twitter on the number of times our tweet was retweeted.  (in this case, it was 23)   I then created 23 rows in a spreadsheet (i.e. Twitter1 ... Twitter23).  I then counted the number of stories (in this case, it was 34), and made an additional 34 rows (i.e. Story1 ... Story34).   I had the spreadsheet generate a random number between 1 and 1000 and prefixed it to each row, and then sorted the columns alphabetically.  Finally, I generated a single random number between 1 and 57, and which ever row it landed on, I would make that the winner.  In this case ... the number indicated that Story6 was the winner, which means ....


Laura McCullum from GE is the winner of the #CMAD 2013 game!

profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=17323&size=350  Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 9.55.58 AM.png


Thanks again to everyone for participating and recognizing community manager appreciation day.  I look forward to talking with all of you in the Jive Community, and possibly in-person at JiveWorld13.  On that note, I'll leave you with an oldie but a goodie,

"if there is anything I can do to make your Jive Community most AWESOME ... just let me know, and I'll do my best to see that it happens." - Ryan Rutan