In order to celebrate the public release of our The specified item was not found., we conducted a series of interviews with the winners of our 2012 Jive Awards to see what successful community deployments were all about. Our first interview is with Deepa Ramesh, Global Community Manager at Millward Brown, winner of the 2012 Engage Employees Award. Millward Brown is a global research and brand agency, and they received their award for their innovative approaches to fostering cross-departmental collaboration and information sharing. 2-5-2013 10-07-55 PM.png

How is Millward Brown using Jive?

Our Jive community which serves as our global intranet is called the Greenhouse. It is a one stop shop for all of Millward Brown’s employees across all of our companies and regions, so they can share and collaborate across the globe together in one platform.


Users have better access to knowledge – from our learnings, papers and information on our solutions, and also to more informal knowledge as its helped to connect colleagues globally to leverage their expertise. Employees are using Greenhouse as a means to connect, collaborate and learn from each other and from internal experts. This has helped them tell a better story and create more meaningful impact on our clients.


Greenhouse is also being used to brainstorm new thinking, ideas and learning. It fuels thought leadership and innovation across the company.


What do you do as a Global Community Manager?

I work closely with our Enterprise Community Manager Oliver Reece, Global Web Administrator Tracy Williams, and Global Head of Knowledge Management Dominic Twose on day-to-day operation of Greenhouse. This includes: answering user questions, communicating any new advancements to our community, listening to the needs of our employees, adapting our community to suit their needs, curating content, sharing best practices, and providing targeted training.


I also work closely with our Regional Ambassadors, who helps champion our community in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. My focus is on strategies to help improve participation and adoption in the different countries/regions. Most importantly, I make sure that we are on track with executing our Community Strategy and adapt new initiatives in the Greenhouse so that it continues to work hand in hand with key Millward Brown initiatives. This often involves working with various global and regional teams to determine the best use of Greenhouse to reach their goals.


What success have you seen in your community thus far?

We have a very active community and our employees are using Greenhouse in the way that we had expected. Based on our recent one year analytics, Knowledge is the most active space in our community and this is completely in line with our company mission and what we created this community for – to share knowledge.


We are a global company, and we are all used to working with people in different offices, sometimes for years before meeting them face to face! With Greenhouse, we can see what our colleagues look like, and this has also helped build a better connection with employees across the globe.


It is also interesting to see how our community is even bringing about a cultural change. It has made it easier for employees to voice their opinions with senior management and vice versa. It’s amazing to see this happening in our company.


I have grown accustomed to hearing conversations of colleagues around me to “find it in the Greenhouse” or “Have you checked out the Greenhouse.” It’s great to see that it has become a part of our employee’s everyday working lives.


What piece of advice would you give to people new to social business?

The biggest challenge for someone new to social business is not the technical aspect of it; but the users. Make sure that social business fits with your corporate culture. It’s important to understand the people in your community, their culture, what they want out of it, and continually adapt your community to better suit the needs of your users.


Millward Brown was already a collaborative, knowledge-focused environment, Jive just gave us a tool to help nurture and enable that culture.


To learn more about using Jive to foster collaboration and innovation within your organization, download this resource kit.