ipad-mini.jpgFirst off, I want to say Thank You to all the participants who submitted to the competition.  In total we had over 70 submissions (many of which are still highlighted on the [Archived] Games community page) and I was happy to see everyone getting into the spirit of the competition.


Per the competition details outlined in the:  Meme March Madness 2013 Challenge - Overview

The following criteria was used to determine the winner in the Final Round:

Prizes unlocked in this competition:

  • 1st Place - iPad Mini 16GB WiFi (Color chosen by winner)
  • 2nd Place - iPad Mini 16GB WiFi (Color chosen by winner)
  • Best in Show Framed Meme


And the winners are:


1st Place + Best in Show2nd Place


Nick Thomas

Ace Group

w/20% of the Votes & 16% of the Tweets

submitted this meme:05-nxthom.png


Oliver Reece

Millward Brown

w/16% of the Votes & 17% of the Tweets

submitted this meme:02-reece.png


1st Runner Up2nd Runner Up3rd Runner Up

Brad Hollander


w/17% of the Votes &
9% of the Tweets


Victoria Hubertz


w/14% of the Votes &

10% of the Tweets


Guillaume RATIER


w/14% of the Votes &

4% of the Tweets




All participants will be receiving their #MEME13 badge and status points this week.  Thank you for participating in the game!


Did you like this competition?  Let us know your thoughts on how we can make it better.  We've already got some more fun games planned throughout the rest of the year in the Jive Community, and cant wait see where the games take us.