Cerner Logo.pngHealthcare is complex and constantly shifting. As technology changes are occurring daily, it is imperative that the healthcare industry adapt with the technology age.  Cerner is taking steps to help fix one of the largest challenges that still exists in healthcare today: communication and collaboration. Cerner wanted to speed up the process to surface clinical innovations, gather requirements, and leverage new clinical practices and technology. Their vision: go social to leverage mass collaboration and reduce time between discovery and adoption.They chose Jive to meet those needs.

While most companies clearly separate their associate-facing and public-facing communities, Cerner’s Jive-powered platform, called uCern, uniquely combines both. More than 1,700 separate healthcare organizations communicate and collaborate on uCern—of which Cerner is just one.

Although the focus of uCern is on the broader community and their needs and issues, Cerner also reaps a number of operational business benefits, most significantly the ability to answer questions more quickly and a significant improvement in the design quality of its solutions—driven by the ability to communicate broadly in parallel with its diverse stakeholders.


uCern screenshot.png


Cerner + Jive = Real Business Value

  • 13% fewer support issues logged to all areas of Cerner’s business by clients who are uCern users
  • An 8% decrease in issues logged on Cerner software solutions year over year
  • A 15% decrease in issues logged internally by Cerner associates to all areas of the business
  • A 70% decrease in Human Resources issues logged internally by Cerner associates
  • Software support questions answered in hours instead of days
  • Shorter approval cycles for technical


“With uCern, we have embraced a new culture that says, ‘Not only is it okay to share information, but we should be sharing information sooner rather than later.’ In this industry, which is typically very guarded, there are not many organizations doing what we are doing on the scale we are doing it.”  Brice Jewell, Senior Manager


From its foundation, Cerner has been at the intersection of information technology and healthcare delivery. With its Jive-powered platform, Cerner, has taken on a unique role as facilitator, cheerleader, and mentor for the role social business software can play in the healthcare industry.

The benefits of social business are vast, learn about other ways that social business can impact your organization in this whitepaper.

Are you currently using social business software? How has it improved the way you work? I'd love to hear from you.