Last week, I participated in CMSWire's April Tweet Jam about growing and engaging customer communities. I want to take the opportunity to dive deeper based on which topics people in the Jive Community are interested in discussing further. Below you will see my answers. I want to hear from you: which answer would you like me to expand on?


1. What are the most important communities for organizational success and who owns them?



2. What are the top three opportunities customer communities provide organizations today?



3. How do you measure / evaluate that value?


One person suggested that 'Likes' are a key way to measure value, my response:


AprilTweetJam3 - Disagree.png


4. Name three best practices for successful customer communities.



5. List the three biggest challenges to running a successful customer community.



6. Has social media changed customer communities? If so, in what ways?


7. How will customer communities evolve in the next year?



For more information about proving business value, check out this best practices paper.