The Way We Work is Changing.pngThe way we work is changing. The amount of digital native workers is increasing rapidly, we no longer work a 9-5 day, and inter-connectivity and your network does indeed matter. Social media and accessible software have presented an opportunity to work more efficiently and effectively. Because of all these changes, corporations need to evolve and change the way they work.


In my opinion, the term for businesses working in an interconnected, social manner is called “Social Business”. There are many advantages to operating as a Social Business but it takes foresight and sign off from the executive team (many of whom are digital immigrants), a strategic implementation plan, and the right technologies to implement. Corporations need to overcome the old fashioned way of working and evolve into a Social Business before they’ve missed the boat.


All companies executing Social Business have one thing in common - a place where they can collaborate both internally and externally. Visualize this as your corporate Intranet but on social steroids. This is a place where you can collaborate in forums, share updates like in Twitter, make comments on media like in Facebook and work on documents as a team like in Google Drive. (And yes, I’m talking about Jive Software ) For example, at a minimum, the social team needs a space that houses the following dynamic and accessible documents:

              • Social guidelines, strategy and goals for your corporate accounts and your employees
              • All corporate social channel credentials
              • All employee contact information (phone, TW handle, LI profile)
              • Content calendar with hot dates (PR, corporate events, marketing campaigns, etc)
              • Campaign 1 pagers that encourage employees to share related social messaging with their networks
              • Escalation guidelines


The purpose of a space like this is to encourage sharing, capture knowledge, enable action and empower employees. Having a space like this creates corporate transparency, allows your corporation and employees to crowdsource ideas, to opt-in on projects and conversations they feel strongly about, and to collaborate in a space that’s natural to them.


This results in employee ownership and pride of their product and of their company. This also results in non-siloed social media execution. Many departments and pinpointed personnel can and should partake in social from customer service, to human resources to sales.


How has your company set up your shared space for your social team? I would love to hear any best practices you’ve uncovered!


* Graphic by Mark Smiciklas