Your company's sales team requires consistent up-to-date product and customer information, along with ongoing support from their team in order to close deals faster. Traditional methods and other conventional tools don’t provide the rich interaction, knowledge infusion and team collaboration that sales enablement depends on.

Through the combination of rapid expansion and growth of advanced technology solutions, Devoteam's sales reps found themselves pursuing larger deals. As a result, sales cycles became a longer and a more expensive process - requiring the involvement of many more groups across all departments. The standard system of interaction including long email chains, multiple phone calls and meetings could not match the demand. Devoteam needed a more unified and sustainable method of collaboration that could reinforce the fast growing pace of the company. This led them to turn to Jive to support their new sales platform. The results were dramatic, as Devoteam streamlined deal collaboration to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates leading to some serious cost savings highlighted here:

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