We're excited to announce that over this past weekend every cloud instance was upgraded to our Summer release!  In addition to some exciting new features, we've taken customer feedback and incorporated improvements and suggestions from our Spring release to go even further ahead in many of the areas we focused on for that release and wanted to provided a recap of this latest release.


The 2 minute overview (more details further below)

Driving intuitive, purposeful collaboration

  • Structured Outcomes with improved workflow & Action history (see what Actions have been resolved!) and search filters (eg, find Final documents only).
  • An entirely revamped Place creation flow to carry people into Purposeful Places, along with template categories - e.g. people in sales can easily locate all place templates related to their role, marketing can quickly find place templates related to their role, etc.
  • Advanced Gamification is now available as an add-on module in Jive Cloud.

Business value intelligence – personal & company-wide

  • Impact Metrics now have statistics broken down hourly, plus the ability to "share your Impact" with all viewers of content (versus just editors).
  • Jive Business Analytics which provide in-depth visibility of trends that relate to specific business use cases of Jive.

Bringing Jive to wherever you work

  • Jive Anywhere has a whole new look and enhanced usability to now support connecting to multiple Jive networks.
  • StreamOnce for Jive moves beyond Outlook and Gmail - adds 4 more integrations including Dropbox, Chatter, Yammer, Evernote

Making Mobile work for work

  • Jive for iPad adds SSO support and a sleek new Explore tab to discover trending content in your network.
  • Jive Mobile supporting external activity (such as SFDC Chatter entries).

Several other User experience enhancements

  • An option for a new super slim top navigation that stays pinned at the top of your screen no matter where you scroll. (You can opt into this change but it will not be applied by default.)
  • Jive for Office/Outlook - several UX enhancements

More details

Driving intuitive, purposeful collaboration

Structured Outcomes

In this release we've focused on refining the workflows introduced in the Spring release based on your feedback, including:

  • Collaborating privately on Action Items


  • Keeping a record of when an Action Item is resolved and showing the history of how it got resolved.

  pic3.png pic4.png

  • One view into all your Action Items – a home base for what needs doing.


  • Filtering by content with specific outcomes in Browse and Search, making it easier than ever to find the the right stuff.


  • And the addition of "Most Liked" – when any comments have a lot of likes, we roll them up at the top so they're easy to identify!


Purposeful Places

Super slick, streamlined new Place Creation flow makes it easier to get to doing work, fast.

  1. Create.
  2. Name it.


3.  Optionally, apply a template


Voila! Your new Place is ready for getting work done!  We've also shrunk down the banner image by 30%, and when combined with the new skinny stick nav (see below), you have approximately the same real estate as from before the Spring release.  Our customers asked, we listened.

Advanced Gamification

Our popular Advanced Gamification module is now available to Cloud customers. Award points and build missions out of more than 140 base gamifiable actions! The impact customers have seen when turning this on has been huge and we're excited to make it easy to add in cloud. It's available for all tiers but is an additional fee per user.


Business value intelligence – personal & company-wide

Impact Metrics

Impact Metrics got some great improvements based on user feedback. First, for your own view of Impact Metrics, starting with that first moment after you publish, of course you want immediate feedback, so we're adding an hourly view that starts showing data right away. We also bucketed the sentiment into Neutral, Good, and Exceptional to provide more context on your results.  And, we're continuing to tune the impact calculations.


Additionally, when you have great Impact Metrics you want to be able to share them. You will now be able to make your Impact Metrics public so you can brag to your peers, your manager, or have healthy competition between teams on your reach and impact!


Jive Business Analytics

Jive Business Analytics reports are designed to test the business value Jive is bringing to customers. They track specific user behaviors as users use their Jive instance. These behaviors are then profiled into buckets that are hypothesized to align with a specific business value. As an example for employee onboarding we would hypothesize that if new employees get connected to other employees across the organization faster, then they become more productive sooner. Jive Business Analytics tracks if users are following the right employees, joining the right groups and commenting on the right content.

BV reports.png


Bringing Jive to wherever you work

Jive Anywhere

We've made Jive Anywhere ready to be the best solution for socializing any enterprise app: add commenting capabilities into crusty old apps without any coding! We've simplified the experience and customers willd see the tab renamed from "Jive" to "Discuss" to increase adoption and help people understand what it's for. And, once you do open the tab, sexy stuff happens!



StreamOnce for Jive

We now have many more additional systems integrated with just a few clicks with our StreamOnce technology.



Jive for iPad (and Mobile)

The new Explore tab will be going live later this month, highlighting trending content within your network in one visual, newsletter style view.


We've also added filtering to iPad search.


For customers leveraging Jive in the Cloud, we'd love to hear what features you're most excited about.  Comment below and let us know!  Thanks in advance.