There’s a reason sellers can be inappropriately labeled as having ADD.  On any given week they are getting countless emails from corporate, management, and buyers as they work dozens of opportunities.  Yet, the agility of a sales team to align to new directives from executives while being nimble to the needs of the buyer are competitive differentiators.  In the video below, our head of sales Jay Larson alks about how we drive this at Jive to drive strategic alignment of the sales team and win deals faster.



Field Communications & Strategic Alignment

Even sitting at headquarters, keeping up to date with information can be a challenge, but many times we mistakenly assume that sellers have heard about the latest market changes, product update, or competitive alerts. Out in the field and around the world, things are far different.  Due to information overload, lack of connectivity, and inconsistency in communication (mostly via email) the reality is very little can reach what some clients call “the edge”, or where front line sellers meet buyers.  When I was selling in a channel environment, I literally felt like I was on the edge of the world as vital sales information didn't reach me until almost 6 months later.


At Jive we have a different philosophy that Jay talks about in the video above, combining many best practices our customers implement:

  • “The edge” is where breaking news is sent to corporate and alignment begins via feedback channels.
  • We have a cadence of communication that reps can expect with a weekly Monday morning call that is virtualized and saved with all materials presented.
  • A video blog called JayTV updates all our sellers, both via web browser as well as offline on their tablet with Jive Present.
  • Patrick Merritt, our Director of Sales Enablement creates newsletter from called Merritt’s what Matters, aggregating and referencing hot topics and discussing best practices in the field.
  • When things are unexpected, relevant and targeted announcements and alerts buzz reps phones on their Jive mobile apps.


Sales Collaboration & Deal Coordination

Whether you are working on a larger deal or managing a strategic account, things can quickly become late night nightmare.  Many times sellers don’t know who to invite to the meeting, follow-ups can be dropped, information is everywhere, and deals fall through the cracks.  Never mind the fact that the average seller is working dozens of deals an their team is never at their desk.  Unfortunately the person that suffers is typically the buyer with a horrible experience, in addition to worn out pre and post sales team that feel like they’re spinning their wheels.


In the second half of the video Jay talks about the most critical portion of opportunity management, the deal desk.  This is where you win or lose a deal, and something that can easily be tied to outcomes and revenue. Creating the final presentation and proposal along with structuring the solution at Jive is managed in a single deal room, accessible via any device.  All conversations, CRM data, documents, emails, and relevant information is referenced without the sellers worrying about where it came from.  People are tasked, decisions made, and business outcomes documented.  Management can inspect the deal room and steps completed in our sales methodology, served up from CRM.  The result is quicker, larger, and lower cost deals.


We would love to hear more best practices in keeping the field up to date with the latest communications, or making it easier to close business through team selling.  To learn more on how other Jive clients transform their sales team, you can also register for the B2B Sales Summer Series, and we will also have a track on how Jive enables our sales team at Jive World.