Ensuring that every customer receives a consistent, high-quality experience is no easy task. You've got global teams, multiple client divisions as well as new products, services, and solutions launching all the time. How do you keep it all together for a single positive customer experience?


Join us for the second installment of the B2B Summer School Series where you'll discover how Hitachi Data Systems:

  • Ensures that its account teams have access to critical customer information to keep up to date.
  • Fully aligned their entire organization with customer needs.
  • Became proactive in delivering on customer demands.
  • Enabled the HDS Community to be a hub of customer loyalty.


James Cater, VP of Global Accounts Development, and Lauren Klein, Communities & Collaboration Consultant, at Hitachi Data Systems join Jive to show you how to champion customer satisfaction challenges!


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James Cater

VP Worldwide Global Accounts Development

Hitachi Data Systems


Jive Software

Lauren Klein

Communities & Collaboration Consultant

Hitachi Data Systems