364x211_balloons.jpgThank you to all the attendees of the second webcast of our B2B Sales Summer Series with guest speaker Hitachi Data Systems (SlideShare). We really enjoyed having James Cater and Lauren Klein discuss the customer service successes Hitachi Data Systems have been having with Jive's social business platform. It was not an easy transition, but with a comprehensive strategy in place Hitachi Data Systems has been leading the way in delivering great customer service with a holistic customer-centric account management approach. We have several great questions roll in and unfortunately ran out of time to answer all of them live. James and Lauren have been kind enough to answer these questions offline here:


  1. DM: What does the future within global accounts look like?
    JC: For an account team like ours, Jive's platform gives us the ability to touch, influence, support and collaborate to help drive relationships forward. Our global accounts teams used to spend an awful lot of time traveling around the world to be in front of key contacts. Now through the collaborative nature of the global account program community, reps can be doing that at their desk or wherever they are in the world. Now this doesn't replace face-to-face customer contact. What it does is that it enhances it and gives out team additional tools to be successful.
    LK: It's no longer a one and done deal.
  2. AN: At HDS, what does it mean to innovate with information?
    JC: When we talk about innovation within HDS, we're talking about social innovation, we're talking about giving our customers the ability to harness, to leverage all types of innovation and information. And our experience across many different industries that are creating more and more information and data today such as medicine, transportation, and public infrastructure gives them the ability to understand their ecosystems. Customers can now use the community to touch and reach into all parts of HDS rather than just the traditional one-to-one relationship.
  3. TP: What is what one of the top parts/aspects of the global accounts program?
    JC: This really translates to "What does the global account program mean to customers?" It's about global consistency--whether that's the management of the relationship, the support service, or the solutions that we deliver so that our customers can be confident that wherever they engage HDS the teams know about the customer, know about the support and can deliver the appropriate solutions anywhere in the globe.
  4. TL: How does HDS measure the ROI of your investment of time and $s in the Jive community?
    LK: You can learn more about HDS and the ROI from our Jive deployment here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/customers/videos/page/3/
  5. HJ: How did HDS secure executive sponsorship/assuage fears before implementing the community and the programs surrounding it.
    LK - We hired LeaderNetworks and other SMEs to help us with the business case and model development and customer validation to ensure that the program was aligned with both the business and our customers.


Interested in learning more about social business success? Come see James and Lauren at JiveWorld13!