A quick blog post as follow-up to a comment during Jive World 2013 presentation on Transforming the Customer Experience for the concept of 'hat trick' in social business.


Certainly being persistent, repeating you and being resilient are characteristics we understand. But what I believe we must embody in our actions and words are:


Honest conversation. From strategy model development conversations to actual community conversation. We look in the mirror through social every day and we must be honest with ourselves, with our words, with our actions and our approaches consistently in order to realize true social business.


Authenticity. We approach our strategy development and social business validation process with authenticity with our peers, our clients and our entire ecosystem with this concept always top of mind. A shout out to many great thinkers in this area, including: Joe Pine, Brene Brown, Marcia Reynolds and Sally Helgesen.


Trust. If we do the H and A well in our work, the T comes naturally. Which is why it is paramount to dialogue, develop strategy and communicate with honesty and authenticity in order to build trusted digital communications. I've seen language around how people are trying to monetize this notion of trust, but like culture, it's not something you can truly 'purchase'.


I grew up in Michigan where as soon as the ice froze on our lakes and ponds, we pulled out our skates, which is why I have drawn the parallel for scoring in social business strategy with hockey.