As we mentioned on mainstage at Jive World and in our recent products post, Mobile is the biggest and most globally disruptive technology change on the horizon. Jive is focusing and investing in mobile in a HUGE way, beginning with our release today.  In this release, we are focusing on 3 major areas - Universal Native iOS app for iPhone and iPad, Mobile Web for Customer Communities and updates to Jive Present. Here are some more details on what's coming and how you can learn more.


  • New UNIVERSAL iOS native app for iPhone and iPad - We've focused on being an early mover to develop for iOS7, delivering a consumer-grade, consistent user experience whether on iPhone or iPad. This "native app" is the best solution in the market for employees to find experts and information quickly, to stay strategically aligned, and to collaborate effectively on the go.


  • Significant improvements for Mobile Web -  We've focused on improving the guest experience on mobile, offering a clear way to search for information and find answers quickly in a branded environment without having to download an app.


  • Advancements in architecture & security that drive our competitive advantage - "Bring your own device" (BYOD) has exploded in the enterprise and has proven to be a new challenge for IT to mitigate risk and comply with regulations. We've made significant improvements to security, user authentication and mobile device management (through partnerships with Good Technology and MobileIron) to address and provide a comprehensive solution to allow IT to more effectively manage their business.


  • Jive Present - The latest release of includes many enhancements to our existing app and a brand new Android AppJive Present now manages more than just content and multimedia on or off line.  You can create and upload your own HTML5 apps such as sales playbooks, product tours, or order forms with links back to content and places.  With Jive Present's CRM integration you can sync contacts and leads sellers tablets, easily select / send documents to them, and track content used with buyers.  There are also many other enhancements such as more robust ways to manage and search for content by tag.


Consult the following blogs for more specific product feature details and release notes.


Similarly, for our developers in the audience, we're also releasing a mobile SDK - (Jive iOS SDK · GitHub) so you can take our best-of-breed app structure and configure it for different use cases.  For an example of the SDK in the wild, check out "Jive Beat" from our technology partners In the Pocket. Jive Beat provides a fast and easy way to scan social activity in your community - status updates and images - to stay up to date on the latest while you're on the go.


Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and release updates to our mobile experience. We'll be blogging about the latest here and in the Products Space.


For all other goodness about the fall release, please consult Jive's Fall 2013 Jive Cloud Release is HERE!