Fall-2013-Image-1.pngAfter an amazing The specified item was not found. we are excited to announce that Jive's latest cloud release is here!  New communities as of today will be on this release and existing communities will be upgraded on 11/15-11/16.  The new features and functionality of all four of our 2013 cloud releases will be released as Jive 7 for hosted and on premise customers in December with the exception of cloud only features* (see more in our The specified item was not found. space) You can also see more screenshots in the Jive News Blog: JiveWorld13 "Gets Real" With th... | Jive Community, and read more information on the major new features in the Fall Release here: Products: Fall Release information | Jive Community.


The Fall 2013 release is packed with cutting edge features and enhancements based on countless idea jams and feedback from our customers.  It includes new profiles, search and analytics capabilities to modernize your intranet or portal.  There are new advanced collaboration features to increase the pace at which work gets done.  And new out-of-the-box integrations uniting today's digital workplace, as well as new developer tools to let IT teams build better solutions for users.  So, what can you expect in this release?  Click play below for a quick video overview.

The Modern Employee Directory

We started by putting your users at the center of this release. Our dynamic profiles are now much more relevant to day-to-day work, allowing you to:

  • List all of your skills, endorse your peers for their expertise, and even browse or invite people to groups by skills.
  • View a user's recent activity and frequented places, along with a new beautiful image gallery in one glance.
  • Browse the traditional way of looking at an org chart, or now view by connections to understand who you both have in common.

Real Time Chat with Context * (cloud only beta)

We're making it possible to do business in real time. No more waiting with your burning question, idea, or need. Jive's real time chat is embedded directly within our robust social features to take real time communication to the next level. You can:

  • Start a chat with as many people as you like from their role, groups you share in persistent chat rooms, and even through others viewing any page you are on.
  • @ Mention any content (including from other systems) without leaving the chat window or cutting and pasting.
  • Preserve the conversation asynchronously in your inbox or convert them to a document.


Social Tasking for Teams * (cloud only beta)

Bring the power of social tasks to your community. You can now integrate your Jive community with Producteev, the leading task system for teams. Gone are the days of dropped balls back and forth in email, resulting in productivity drains and missed deadlines. Jive + Producteev lets you:

  • Integrate Producteev with any Space, Group, or Project in Jive to replace old tasks with new and improved capabilities.
  • Create and view tasks directly inline from content in Jive such as a discussion or document.
  • Access, create, and complete tasks in email with a new Producteev Outlook app


New Analytics Capabilities

We're giving you much more visibility into how individual pieces of content are resonating in your community, as well as how your community is performing overall. You can:

  • Know how your content is playing in your community with improved Impact Metrics, which are now available immediately. You can now filter by department, see who has referred your message to others, and see how much email your content is generating.
  • Analyze your community as a whole with Jive Business Analytics (JBA), which includes reports for strategic alignment, organizational intelligence, and employee onboarding.
  • Easily create Community Manager Reports with new Analytics Service backend.


An Open Cloud Platform

Jive is now integrated into many more applications, allowing you to integrate your digital workplace. We have added:

  • Google Drive and Gmail integrations to let you manage content or collaborate from email.
  • New tiles for SharePoint such as links and calendar items along with a completely new integration with Outlook Web Access (OWA).
  • StreamOnce integrations for Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds; all now created right from Purposeful Places (available shortly after the release date).
  • An Add-Ons Registry for partner or customer developers to share and deploy robust, upgrade-safe extensions.
  • The ability to link to virtually any document management system with the new External Storage Framework.


More Productivity on Mobile

Jive mobile has see significant enhancements to create a consumer grade mobile experience, including:

  • Mobile 3 is Here! A new UNIVERSAL iOS native app for iPhone and iPad to collaborate effectively on the go, along with improvements for Mobile Web with new branded experiences.
  • Advancements in architecture & security to ensure complete control with new integrations to mobile application / device management solutions.
  • Enhancements to Jive Present including a new Android App, CRM integrations, and the ability to manage other HTML5 web apps you built.


And Much More:

We haven't stopped there. There are dozens of other enhancements in the Fall Release including:

  • New Structured Outcomes to mark content as Official, a Success, or Outdated (with link to new content) which pushes search results up or down.
  • Video has received a complete overhaul in experience, and can be created in a few clicks from the iOS app.
  • Purposeful places in Jive have dozens of new templates, tiles, and integrations that can be easily customized and saved.


For customers leveraging Jive in the Cloud, tell us which capabilities you're most excited about using.  If you're not on Jive Cloud, ask us how we can help you migrate to take advantage of these new features every quarter.  For everyone, we would love to hear what you think of the features and let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks!