I hate email. I mean I really, really hate email. When I was in Support, I never used email. If you had a questions for me during the first 2 years that I worked at Jive, and you asked me via email, you never got an answer. I could do all of my work (both internal and customer-facing) using Jive. It was wonderful. Our software really kicks ***, makes me happier, and makes us all more efficient.


Now I'm in Sales.  Email is a necessary evil for part of my work.  But only the part of my work where I'm interfacing with prospects that aren't in the Jive Community yet.  That part of my work does not account for the increased amount of time that I now spend in Outlook.  Sometimes, out of habit, someone I'm working with will start an email thread instead of a Jive Community discussion. What do you do when this happens and you despise email???


My answer for this (like my answer for most things) is snark!  I have decided that I will steadfastly reply to email that should be in the Jive Community with Internet memes.  Now, I don't want to just be a jerk, so in practice my strategy has been to shameify (credit for this to Adam Behrens) those that aren't leveraging Jive for communicating.  I use the Jive for Outlook connector to elevate the email thread to a discussion, and then attach one of these memes into the discussion.  Would this work for your corporate culture to bring more people into Jive?  Use one of the memes below to find out:

5DYj9IV.png7thhCxO.pngBpRqYGy.pngfudok7b.pngmake a meme   quickmeme meme generator.pngmichael-cera-mustache.pngMjAxMy1lNzI5MTU3N2ZhZjM1Njk1.pngNm4921I.pngUZvbVjM.pngWnyJOdO.png