Social businesses come in all shapes and sizes. While a one-size-fits-all social business strategy does not exist, Jive's Deirdre Walsh unlocked the 6 secrets to social success, defining a framework that organizations can adapt to fit their community needs. After all, as software and technology evolve, a successful social business can make quite an impact. Just check out these stats:


65% of respondents of global business executives say their organizations use social business tools to understand market shifts; 45% to improve visibility into operations; and 45% to identify internal talent. (Deloitte University Press)

Companies are committing more headcount to social media across all sizes of companies. The biggest jump is for companies with more than 100,000 employes, which now report an average of 49 full-time employees supporting social media in the organization, compared to 20 in 2010. (Altimeter Group)

27% of the total time spent online is now dedicated to social networking (Mediabistro)

40% of employees believe social tools produce better teamwork (Holtz Communication + Technology)

2/3 of businesses are now using social technology for marketing and related functions; 37% expect social media to be used regularly across their entire business; 9% expect it to be fully integrated (ZDNet)


You should customize your social business strategy to meet the needs of your organization, but best practices can often be adapted to create a successful and collaborative environment. Once the eBook was published, Deirdre turned to the Jive Community of thought leaders to determine more best practices, implementation tips and ways to increase adoption. Check out our user-generated social business best practices SlideShare: 




I'd like to say thanks to all of the great community members that contributed their social business tips and tricks: Chris Boudreaux , mikecalderon , Kristen Sussman , Virginia Miracle, Laura McCullum, john ridings and Jeffrey Murnan.


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