1619231_10151796831186916_524108938_n.pngHappy cmad14 to all of our The specified item was not found. and [ARCHIVE] Jive External Communities!!!


I know many The specified item was not found. celebrate CMAD in their own way... we wanted to call out a special thanks to all of the cmgrs that use and navigate Jive every day. Thanks to Social Edge Consulting for hosting an awesome tweet chat earlier today as well!



Thought we'd keep it light this year and honor the day in a different way:

Let's highlight some awesome things about the day and some info for those who are new to Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD)  






Firstly, let's dig in to this CMAD thing -

  • Some quick background: CMAD is a few years old now, started by a smart fellow named Jeremiah Owyang. He has one hell of a blog (here) that highlights a lot of things, ranging from general business and leadership principles, to online strategy best practices, including Community Management, Community Managers, and why all of its important.

So for clarity, What is CMAD?
Many_Hats_of_Community_Manager_infographic_GetSatisfaction.png     CMAD is an appreciation day for the community managers who run the gamut in their day-to-day efforts to manage and change the way work gets done:

          experts on information architecture, information strategy, discussion fostering, governance implementation,

          mentors in how to leverage platforms, best practices on sharing, online ethics, and social workplace,

          data nerds in having to research and prepare what metrics are delivered on, what metrics should be looked at, and how the metrics shift with the community

          the voice of the communities (external or internal) to the rest of the organization - the voice of the end user, and the constant politician and middle-man (or woman!)

          a marketer - master communicator and evangelist, leverager of the best technologies and processes available to get to the most people

          ...and so many more things. I think we're all pretty familiar with the infographics to the right  by now, and can identify at some level



Obviously this wouldn't be complete without a twitter feed, too many images, and some links to Linkedin or CM Meetups or CMAD events. Following Ryan's fashion, I'll use this as a reminder that I'm here! I'm your Community Manager, and I'm digging it. If we haven't engaged yet - please intro yourself, shoot me a note, and more than anything if you have any questions -- Please let me know! @mention me, send me a message, share to me, send me an email... whatever you need, I do my best to be available and responsive.



Point in all of this -

I'm sure many people engage in communities throughout their day without ever knowing. Many more of us (especially here) have an idea of, or are directly involved in what goes on behind the scenes every day... take half a second and think about all of the pieces that go in to everything that you're touching. All of the applications or websites you touch.. there's quite a bit of set up and involvement in the background, and it doesn't all come together without some serious, hardcore project management and translation between different constituents.


Kudos to all of the community managers and The specified item was not found. diehards out there - it's not an easy task, but it's sure a fun one. Go give one of those crazy folks a hug... they probably need it.













As a last note, I'll also take this opportunity to say - we're working on some stuff with the Jive Community, and have some cool things coming, so stay tuned!

Short term, if you have ideas or feedback, please post in the The specified item was not found. space!