Are you physically and emotionally drained just thinking about the implications of an internal community? If you're looking for a little bit of confirmation bias in an effort to avoid this mess they call "social intranet", I've got you covered. Here are five reasons you should wad up that Jive proposal (because printing emails is so you) and chunk it in the ol' round filing cabinet.


1. Opinions Are Like…

Seriously… everyone has one. And who needs them? You’re a leader because you have all the answers. An online community is a breeding ground for everyone thinking they might have a great solution to a problem. You can only imagine how uppity they’ll be when they feel like they are really a part of a big change. Autonomy is like the mother of innovation. Speaking of which…


2. Change Is Hard

Why all the fuss about being innovative? Your company is sailing just above water, and there’s no sense in changing things; you’ve always done it this way and it’s working out fine. When your customers asked for a website, you said, “Why don’t they pick up a phone and order from the catalog like everyone else?” I'd even wager that your office uses carbon copy memos instead of that email nonsense. You, my friend, are hardcore – a leader with conviction.


3. Early Birds Get The Worm, And Worms Are Gross

How can you possibly know if something will work for your company before you wait and see if it works for your competitors first? What are you – NUTS?! Patience is a virtue, and virtuous you shall remain – just like Blockbuster, Borders, and Kodak.


4. It’s Risky Business

Allowing your employees to say things is just an invitation for risk. By launching an internal collaboration platform, you’re basically inviting a law suit to come over for dinner and drink all of your most expensive brandy. You’re better than that, friend. In fact, I’m willing to bet you’ve never been sued. Meaningful outcomes, be damned! In your cost-benefit analysis, no risk is too small for determining that entire projects should be ceremoniously catapulted from the 6th floor balcony. Now that you think about all that risk … you shouldn't be letting any employees speak to any customers or clients. Or each other. Well ok, maybe they can talk to each other in a text-documented manner with supervision. Oh wait...


5. Online Community = Social Media

You’re no fool! You see what’s going on here. Your team just wants a company-sanctioned "FriendFace" group to talk about … whatever it is they talk about. You don’t have any need for that hubbub, so why should they? Just because mobile and social is how your employees naturally communicate, that doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Excuse me, but you are a LEADER, not a FOLLOWER, amiright?


If any of these five fears fit your style, then you’re absolutely right – an online internal collaboration platform is definitely not for you. But come to think of it, you may not be right for your company. The modern business environment doesn't seem to fit your management style.