Do you remember when the Internet was just taking off?  If you could find what you were looking for you would bookmark the site, print it out, AND download a local copy just to make sure you would have it again.  It was not really easy for anyone to share knowledge or ask and answer questions.  Fast forward many years later and all the sudden you could publish a website, a video, or collaborate with anyone around the world to create useful consumable content.  Google was born along the way to replace Infoseek, Altavista, and

Logo_2013_Google.pngeverything else to become the way to find anything anywhere instantly.  Google replaced all our bookmarks and personal files and we liked it that way. 


Unfortunately today our businesses are stuck in the same trap that the Internet started out in.  We have information and content, but it is stuck in file folders and Outlook PST files, and you can’t find them not to mention easily share them to help others.  The good news is Jive came along and became the Google for our businesses.  Now there is an easy way to ask and answer questions, share documents, and much more.  Just like Google, with Jive you can find everything you need instantly.  The Internet evolved, why can’t our businesses?  If you share it, they will find it with Jive.