Meet Aimee McCuen from Cox Automotive. I met Aimee at the Atlanta User Group Meeting in June. Starting a new job, traveling to a new city, and meeting a room full of people was a little stressful for me. Yet Aimee's open and friendly attitude made me feel at home and convinced me she needed to be profiled!

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Meet Aimee and get a glimpse at her workstyle!


Libby: Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, Aimee. So, where do you work?

Aimee: I work in the office in Atlanta Georgia. I'm on the fourth floor of a 17 floor building within a campus of Cox Companies. There's no view in my office though. Feel sorry for me!


LT: How would you describe your current job?

Aimee: I work at Cox Automotive, supporting the Manheim business working in the Communications and Sustainability department. Cox Automotive is a global company that consists of Manheim,,, and a collection of dealership software and financial services companies.


LT: How do you use Jive at work (internal, external, etc)?

Aimee: I'm a technical communication specialist and one of my main job responsibilities is to manage our intranet which we have named  'Main Street'. I do community design/layout, consultation and training, measurements, adoption, and was heavily involved in our recent upgrade from 4.5 to 7.0 this past June. That was a huge jump for our end-users, so there was a lot involved in communicating the new functionality. So, I use our Jive instance daily.


LT: What's your computer deal... Do you use a Mac or PC (or something else)?

Aimee: I am a PC user. However, I would love a Mac if someone would like to supply me with one.


LT: How about your mobile device?

Aimee: My company phone is an Android. As a company, its mixed as far as what everyone has for a mobile device. Since I already had an iPhone for personal, an Android worked perfectly. I wanted to have both to test Jive in both devices.


LT: Pick one word that best describes how you work:

Aimee: Multitasker!


LT: Besides Jive, what apps/software/tools can't you live without?

Aimee: It's kind of old school but my answer is Outlook email. When it's down, I feel like I can't work anymore. I know it's awful but it really is the one tool I can't live without. I also can't live without the Adobe Creative Suite. I need to be able to edit a graphic on the fly. Oh and how can I can I forget my Pandora app. I use it all the time.


LT: Do you have a favorite non-computer gadget?

Aimee: Headphones to listen to music, which I do pretty much all day when I'm working. It's one of my favorite things to have with me at all times.


LT: How do you stay organized? What's your favorite to-do list manager?

Aimee: That's a good question and I'm not sure I've figured it all out yet! I have a white board in my office which I use sometimes, but I track things differently depending on the task and where I am.


LT: What you surround yourself with is important, what's your workspace like?

Aimee: My office is a mess (don't judge me!) But the clutter doesn't bother me...for now. My office is the place where everyone comes for everything, such as office supplies, notebooks, etc. I like to work at my desk where I have two screens and everything I need at my finger tips. I prefer to work with ambient noise even though I have an enclosed office with a door. So I'll have a fan running or some sort of white noise when I'm alone. I think it's from having kids... when they're quiet, I know there is something wrong. I have to have some sort of noise to get work done.



LT: Besides white noise, what do you listen to while you work?

Aimee: Pandora. Lately I've been listening to salsa because I like the beat... it's consistent and keeps me on track. And I don't have to worry about trying to sing along because I can't understand the lyrics.


LT: What's your best time-saving trick?

Aimee: I'm all about learning short-cuts in software programs like Office and Outlook. I love shortcuts. How to paste, how to get from window to window the fastest. Overall, these short-cuts save a tremendous amount of time. I often ask people, "What short cut was that!" when I see them using different tricks.


LT: How do you balance work and life?

Aimee: That's a tricky one. I'm a single mother of four kids... I don't know that there is a true balance and if you're reading this and know of any tricks, let me know. There's different challenges and rewards every day with both.


LT: What's your sleep routine like?

Aimee: What sleep? I have two small children who still come to my bed at night (I'll deny that if anyone asks). I struggle with sleep regardless since I'm such a light sleeper; yet it's one of my favorite things to do as I get older. One thing that is a "must" for me to sleep is some sort of white noise. If I can't hear it, it can't disturb me. I usually have to have the desk fan on HIGH close to me.


LT: Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Aimee: It depends on the situation. Probably more of an extrovert. I can be a social butterfly in one instance and then quiet and to myself in another. It all depends on how comfortable I am.


LT: What's the best advice you've ever received (and from whom)?

Aimee: My old manager would tell me, "There's always tomorrow. It's okay to walk away because you can always pick up where you left off tomorrow." Love that, because sometimes you can get so involved in your work and feel like you can't stop until it's done. Sometimes its good just to walk away from it and come back refreshed and with a new perspective.

To thank Aimee McCuen for her responses to this interview, I've made her a magical montage of the people, things, and terms that capture her workstyle. And it's in a handy dandy Facebook header photo-size in case she wants to highlight her workstyle there. It can be popped into Twitter as a background image as well. Super handy!


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