SOCM 2015 cover.jpgBecause community management is a relatively new discipline many of those who run communities have never done a community management audit or benchmark to understand what they are doing well, what they are doing poorly and where there are opportunities for easy wins - small investments that have a big impact.


One of the reasons for this is that until recently, there was little data on the community management approaches that matter so we couldn't consistently assess performance or make apples to apples comparisons. Last year's State of Community Management was the first time we could reliably do this and the research found correlations between engagement and value with the following attributes:

  • Full-time community manager(s)
  • Multi-tiered advocacy programs
  • Executive engagement
  • Regular schedule of programs or events

You can download that research here, thanks to Jive's support. One of the more exciting things we were able to do because of that research is to audit and benchmark the performance of an organization's community management approach and I presented how to approach community management benchmarking at JiveWorld14, which you can watch here.


Why go to all the trouble of auditing when it seems to take so much time? For a few reasons:

  • It often documents what you are sensing but have not articulated, helping you really see what's missing
  • It backs up your own assessment with research and gives you credibility when you ask for resources or investment
  • It exposes you to expertise or approaches that you may not have considered


Interested in finding out how your community management approach stacks up? You are in luck.


By contributing to this year's 2015 State of Community Management research (do it now - the survey is only open until February 27th!), you will receive a score for where you are in the eight competencies of the Community Maturity Model, helping you understand where you are doing well and where your approach might benefit from some new techniques.


You can take the survey and get your score here: State of Community Management 2015 Survey