I just posted a tweet @bonniecheuk sharing my reflection on the change journey my company and my team have been through as we recently launched Jive as a new connected ecosystem that focuses on getting work done. I borrow the tweet to make it the title of my blog here.


Whether you call it Social Business, Enterprise 2.0 or use of social media in the extended enterprise, it is now seeded in most enterprises and is considered becoming mainstream. We are finally scratching beyond the surface, and get ready for deeper transformation. (more on my blog).


What do I mean? Here is how I experience it and where I am playing my humble part to shape:

1. Enterprise 2.0 is no longer about introducing new digital social tools to employees

2. Enterprise 2.0 is about embracing a new way of working to create value in a much more networked world, and it means rethinking what "management" means and what management processes and practices are relevant in this new world. It also means employees need to relearn how to behave when they are not being "managed" (or perhaps for some being "control") in a traditional way.

3. Enterprise 2.0 is about empowering employees to change old habits and build new reflexes on an individual level in the context of doing their day-to-day work. The change is on a micro-moment level and so it is hard because it is so personal, so real and so intense.

4. Enterprise 2.0 requires Leadership 2.0 (which I advocated in 2009) and it means making a conscious effort to be mindful and cultivate good practices around communication, conversation, listening and dialogue, and feeling comfortable navigating in an uncertain environment. In an open and network enterprise, this is required at all levels, not just a requirement for leaders.

5. As all of the above happen, it means that we (leaders, managers, employees) will build new reflexes, redefining the norm, working together, communicating, collaborating in a different way, And the business workflow and day-to-day process as a result will be transformed.


Now that the real hard work begins, as we pay attention to people, and how they communicate and how they work together. How can we create an ecology that create value, unleash employees' potential, help our employees and even our clients to grow and learn? I expect a lot more experiment and innovation in this space.


For me, thanks to the Jive Internal Communities and the insights shared by Jive team ( Bertrand Quesada and Clara Liang thanks!), a new ways of working has just been introduced to my company in June 2015. I remember John Toker  and Bertrand Quesada commented that we are very ambitious right from the beginning, we did not want to start with 1 or 2 use cases. We want to cover 1 or 2 use cases for all major divisions.


Since launch, all employees (3500+) join in within 4 weeks, it is not about the adoption figures, I am excited by what they come to Pulse+ (enabled by Jive, MS office, Jabber etc.) to do. They are exploring a new way  to get their real work done. As part of the adoption strategy, my team have been partnering with multiple (almost all) business area (HR, communications, marketing, operation, IT, risk management, legal, leadership development, sales, senior executive) to seed 1 or 2 early examples showing how work can be done differently when Pulse+ becomes available. They help to give a clear purpose as to why we move to a new platform, and make the new platform purposeful from day 1.


And our change journey continues....