wheel_draft.jpgDo you work with communities as a moderator, administrator, manager, strategist, program owner or business owner?


The Community Roundtable publishes annual research that profiles the skills, contexts, professional development resources and compensation of those working to make communities successful. This research is critical to helping organizations understand, structure and reward individuals for the work they do in this space. Last year, with Jive's support, we were able to profile the roles of Community Manager, Community Strategist and Director of Community.


This research helps you:

  • Advocate for yourself
  • Educate your stakeholders about what is reasonable for your role, in terms of skills, responsibilities and compensation
  • Understand what skills you need to grow and progress


If you manage a team or work in HR, this research helps you:

  • Build better job descriptions
  • Identify skill strengths and gaps in your team
  • Identify areas to invest in skill development


BUT... we need you. Without your participation in this research, our data is limited. The more data we have, the more roles and segments we can profile and the more precise the data will be for your role, industry and use case.


At TheCR, our shared value with our ecosystem (you) is our research. We work to make it freely available but ask in return that you take ten minutes to contribute.


Please take the 10 minute survey here: the.cr/ccc2015survey