In Part V of the Blog Series on Social Business Strategy, I will discuss the importance of filling your intranet with meaningful and relevant content that will attract people.


User generated content drives social communities. It's the life blood of the community and what keeps people coming back to participate in the discussion. Employees will catch on quickly to the value of your social intranet as soon as they see interesting topics and valuable information. They will be more likely to return if they can see clearly that the information and conversations are timely and relevant.


Depending on the scope and structure of your conversation channel this may mean “priming the pump” and loading content up front. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, ranging from repurposing existing content to bringing in contractors to help you create content appropriate to your organization.


Help People Share Knowledge by Identifying “Digital Sherpas”


User generated content

One of the key benefits of the social enterprise is the ability to take tacit knowledge - the skills and understanding of a single individual - and transform it into explicit knowledge that is available to anyone in the organization. Conversations about processes and procedures become part of the record. Meta-conversations, discussions about discussions, can help participants find the information they are looking for.


In the same way that early explorers reached their destinations through the help of knowledgeable local guides, look for people who can be the “Digital Sherpas” inside your organization.


Content creation can be done by a small team of enthusiastic experts — draw from your top communicators, subject matter experts and most personable leaders. At this point you are looking for “evangelists” who will talk-up the initiative. It’s not crucial to build an encyclopedic knowledge base in the pilot stage, just get enough substance into the first conversations to make the environment intriguing, comprehensible and useful to the next groups to come on board.


As your social intranet matures the community of participants will begin generating its own content. This might make some communications professionals a little nervous at first but editors soon warm up to the idea that knowledge and productivity are more important than perfect grammar. Before you know it your communications team will be free to be more strategic about how content is used within the organization.



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