Communities have come a long way since the days of the forum and online bulletin board:


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.29.22 AM.png


Once considered a simple, low-cost tactic to exchange information online, a community has evolved into a massive, multi-functional deployment that requires a whole new level of sophistication and resources to support it. 


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.39.13 AM.png


Today's community is core to a brand’s digital initiative and can significantly impact multiple business functions. Like many community managers, you will rejoice for the huge opportunities this shift in strategic importance adds to your profession. But with this massive responsibility comes massive expectations for the success of your community and a positive ROI. If you don’t do your homework up front and map out a comprehensive community strategy and a realistic resource plan, you will find yourself in front of your executive team later down the road explaining why you did not deliver what you promised.


In my whitepaper, Get Execs To Say Yes, I discuss how you can prevent this uncomfortable (and career limiting!) scenario. Based on a Jive-sponsored study, I provide you with:



  • Highlights from the Keys to Community Readiness and Growth study by Leader Networks and CMX.
  • Best practices for launching a successful community
  • Essential steps for building a business case that will get your execs to "yes"


Whether you are launching a brand new community or trying to grow your current one, it's time to get the resources your community deserves!