Technology is breaking down barriers like never before and blurring the lines between our lifestyle and workstyle. Everyday, easy access to tech in a mobile world is driving change continuously. But, even with all this opportunity, there’s a huge engagement gap today in U.S. business, with disengaged workers outnumbering engaged employees 2:1. How can this new reality be embraced to help shape our organizations’ culture and grow the business?


Companies' biggest asset are employees. And, employees thrive in transparent, open and collaborative cultures. Organizations that offer those types of environments see increased productivity and profitability, as well as far lower turnover.


In my newest post on Medium, I discuss three big engagement rules the best companies live by – embracing diverse workstyles, empowering and engaging employees, and engaging customers on their own terms. I also touch on how one of our awesome Jive customers, Humana, has leveraged transparency and technology to succeed in the competitive healthcare industry. Thanks @sochuckified for your inspiring LinkedIn posts!


Join me in talking about how engagement is changing the face—and future—of work at The Future of Work is Now, and It’s All about Engagement.