The subject of Women in Technology receives some great public support from all of the STEM programs, diversity awareness initiatives and open conversations that are happening in Silicon Valley and around the world. But, with women holding just 25 percent of computing positions at US technology companies, it’s pretty clear we need more representation. There is significant room for improvement and a need for more people to take action. I am inspired by what Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy has been doing in this area. He's always been committed to helping with the challenges of women in tech - and he's recently made key decisions that set the example for how to truly make a difference.


GoDaddy is taking significant strides to help close the gender pay gap, which is in line with another organization we support at Jive – HeForShe. Last year, Blake approved a plan for the company that is almost unprecedented in any industry: it brought balance to the gender pay gap at GoDaddy while nearly tripling its percentage of female engineering hires. This past summer, GoDaddy joined President Obama and 27 other leading businesses at the United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C., to commit to the federal “Fair Pay Pledge,” which is designed to close the pay gap between men and women in the US. Those accomplishments, among many others, recently earned GoDaddy a coveted spot on the Anita Borg Institute’s (ABI) Top Companies for Women Technologists list. GoDaddy!


One of the big ways the company is closing the gender gap and opening the dialogue on many topics is via a modern collaboration hub that is accessible to all of its 5,000 employees. In an article about diversity in The Next Web, Blake notes the importance of communication when it comes to ensuring gender equity across the entire company. “For us, we are big into visibility and transparency,” he said. And, the company’s Chief People Officer, Auguste Goldman, recently told us that having a digital "mosh pit of ideas" built on Jive's technology gives people at GoDaddy a voice and a place to engage around a shared sense of mission. We all know that being in touch with a larger mission is critical for employee engagement and empowerment. GoDaddy is raising the bar and reaping the benefits.


There’s still much more to be done, but I’m excited about what Blake, Auguste and the entire GoDaddy team is doing for women in tech as they build great culture and practice transparent leadership. Thank you, GoDaddy team, from everybody here at Jive, for continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible at work with an amazing combination of people and tech.


For anyone else who wants to make a difference when it comes to gender equality, consider becoming a mentor for the Anita Borg Institute or visit HeForShe to learn how both women and men are making commitments to level the playing field for women around the world.



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Here I am at this year's Fortune Tech conference with amazing Jive customers who are changing the world: GoDaddy CEO, Blake Irving, Starwood Hotels CIO, Martha Poulter, and Intuit CMO, Carolina Donahue