A Jive community can be an ocean of information and resources, which is a great thing... unless you haven't learned how to swim yet. Figuring out the best way to teach your new employees or customers how to get started with Jive is a challenge that many companies face. For IT Business Partner Andy Yates, his company has developed an onboarding and community engagement process that helps keep the new employees afloat as they start to learn on their own.


Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 3.41.11 PM.pngAccording to Andy Yates, ThoughtWorks uses a combination of simple onboarding processes to give employees a solid foundation, while leaving room for experimentation. To support the learning process, ThoughtWorks brought together a team with a variety of skill sets to act as consultants for the community. “The team does not manage communities for other people. Instead, they encourage people to do community management for themselves. The team provides advice about the tools and our ways of working.”


What a great use of community!


The community engagement process is only one of the subjects touched on in the full article. Read the interview to learn more about how ThoughtWorks integrates Jive to allow their employees and customers the maximum amount of freedom, manage their communities, and nurture corporate memory.



Thank you for sharing your success with us, Andy Yates!

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