Swarmed by unimportant @Mentions? Don't just swat away @Mentions; stop these pests before they strike!


Here are some tips for keeping your inbox streamlined and clutter free so you won't miss any important information. Feel free to copy and paste these tips into your community and adjust as needed!


@ mention boy.pngWhat you can do for others:

  • Avoid the FYI @mentions. Only use @mention when you really want a particular person's attention.
  • Don't @mention a place in which you are creating your content. People could get notified twice: once because they follow the place and the second time for the @mention itself.
  • Don't @mention department space AND department work groups. Example: If you expect every Sales person to follow Sales, don't @mention all the possible Sales related work groups also. This is inbox spam waiting to happen.
  • Scheduling your recurring content. If you are a place owner or a regular content creator, have an editorial calendar for recurring content. Best practice: one new content item per week to give people the opportunity to engage with that content without getting overrun with new information.





@ mention girl.pngWhat you can do for yourself:

  • You don't need to follow everything in your inbox. Check where and who you are following in your inbox regularly to limit the noise.  A space/group/person that you initially thought was valuable to follow in your inbox may not be the right connection for you today. For items that require less monitoring, you can follow them in a News stream.
  • "Hide New Activity" is your inbox BFF. Yes, your manager wrote a super awesome blog. You want to see it in your inbox but you don't care to be notified in your inbox every single time someone comments on it. Make sure to use "Hide New Activity" on the bottom right hand corner of your inbox to limit the noise.