"There’s never been a better — or more confusing — time in enterprise collaboration. With stalwart vendors continually adding to their suites and new players entering the space every day, it seems that most businesses should be able to find the ideal application to meet their needs."



How can you leverage the benefits of conversational apps such as Slack and Facebook's workplace as well as document centric apps like Microsoft's O365

and SharePoint to achieve true collaboration ?


We believe the answer is in a true collaboration hub that utilizes integrations with the right use cases. Different applications provide compelling solutions to different problems, including personal productivity, multi participant communication and content authoring. Applications should keep pushing the productivity and pace of business even further, but they are best complemented by a tool that can selectively curate valuable bits of conversations , discussions, content and media to break down corporate silos, as well as provide a corporate wide platform with a familiar and intuitive user experience.


A hub approach also helps with consistent onboarding, keeping employees informed about important corporate communications and many other use cases that cut across different departments and stakeholders within, as well as outside, the organization.


for more information, you are welcome to check my recent article in CMS wire: Enterprise Collaboration Means Finding the Right Mix