Here at Jive we believe providing a personal touch in business is absolutely crucial. People want to deal with people, not a company. People want to build relationships, connect with others and even foster new friendships. How high is this priority in your business or Jive community? Regardless of whether your community is populated with employees or customers, a personal touch is always appreciated.


I recently visited three jewelry shops to purchase wedding bands where all the choices and prices were similar enough that my fiancé and I weren't swayed one way or the other. So how did we choose the shop? The jeweler's personal touch. Purchasing a wedding band is more than a one-time purchase. Polishing, sizing, upkeep and giving someone your business is no small commitment – it's a business relationship. We chose our jeweler because we appreciated his candor and honest advice. Rather than simply take the order and handing us rings, we built a friendship through stories and he made it his priority to include us in the entire process (including assisting him in polishing the ring!).

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JiveWorks is also no small commitment to Jive. During the month of November our CEO, Elisa Steele, was featured on the cover of Smart Business Northern California where she talked about helping "customers maximize technology without losing the personal touch." We strive to include a personal touch in every aspect of Jive, because you – as people – are important to us. Elisa Steele discovered the joy of making people happy at her first job scooping ice cream in high school and has been driving Jive with the same passion and dedication. This is why we believe so strongly in our product to bring the workplace together in collaboration: people working with people.


So how do we include a personal touch in JiveWorks specifically? Some ways I try to include a personal touch is through interactions, answering questions, listening to your ideas in Ideas for Jive  and meeting as many of you as possible at user group meetings or JiveWorld.


What about you? How do you show a personal touch in your community?


Read Elisa Steele's article in the Smart Business Northern California magazine to see how she drives our business by connecting with employees, customers and utilizing technology to maximize collaboration.