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We all want to work faster, smarter and… alongside artificial intelligence? CEO of Xinfu and the host of BBC’s CEO Guru Steve Tappin recently traveled around Silicon Valley interviewing CEOs from a variety of companies to discuss artificial intelligence, new ways of working and the future for businesses. With this wealth of input and advice, Steve wrote an article about five lessons to be learned with direct quotes gleaned from the interviews.


One of the lessons brought up was “working agile,” and what Silicon Valley CEOs interpreted this to mean. Jive’s CEO, Elisa Steele, defined it as “going fast, failing fast and correcting fast,” while Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, described it as “how quickly you can pivot around issues and how you’re set up to change and adapt,” and Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, saw it as quick to action “you have to make a proactive decision, sitting back is not usually a good strategy.” All three CEOs interpret "working agile" differently, but they are all great definitions.


Steve Tappin’s article provides a unique collection of insights from several CEOs about the same questions. Seeing how each CEO is unique as a person and brings something different to the table is something anyone can learn from, whether you are a business leader yourself, or rethinking how you work. The strength of a company is built upon the skills of the employees and leaders, not just one person, so learning to connect these skills and utilize them through collaboration is the key.


Check out the article to learn more about digital disruption, soft skills, leadership coaching and the "Data-Driver CEO" type that has emerged in Silicon Valley – all through the eyes of CEOs from Jive, Slack, HP, Box and more.