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Over time, technology companies tend to “rebrand” themselves. They update their logo, change their tagline, pick a new color scheme for their website. Underneath, however, their business model and relationship with their customers remains exactly the same.


At Aurea, we have a new logo.  But this is no ordinary rebrand. We are not just freshening up.  We have a new mission that fundamentally transforms the heart of who we are, and more importantly, what we do for you.


Today, I am thrilled to introduce the new Aurea.


Let’s start with that new mission statement. We worked hard to distill our reason for being into one sentence, and I believe it accurately communicates what the new Aurea is all about:


Aurea helps global businesses accelerate digital transformation through unlimited access to the world’s first business software library.


The first half of the mission statement is the “why.” Our singular goal is to enable and power your digital transformation. To us, that means that helping you reinvent and disrupt your industry with a host of technologies. The second half is the “how.” We are changing how you consume enterprise software in order to deliver on the “why.”


Digital transformation is sophisticated. It’s typically expensive. And it can be hard. By giving you unlimited access to our rapidly expanding library of software, you can do things that - given the reality of operating budgets - you would not ordinarily consider doing. Things that enable you push forward and create sustainable, competitive advantage in your industry.  You can drive change and competitive advantage that is not metered by technology budgets, but is only metered by your company's aspirations and capacity to drive change.


As an Aurea customer, you will have access to every product in our portfolio. It’s not a program or something you sign up for; it will be the fundamental basis of your Aurea relationship and an automatic advantage of being an Aurea customer. Each and every product – cloud and on-premise, Standard and Enterprise – all live in our software library, and as of today, they will all be available to you as part of your library subscription.


While this model may be new to enterprise software, it’s an approach that we’ve all adopted in our personal lives. Netflix. Spotify. These companies changed the way we consume content. They transformed their industries from a model of scarcity and “by the drink” purchase or rental, to one of unlimited access. In the old days, you could only afford so many DVDs or records. That’s economic scarcity.  Then Netflix and Spotify came along. Now, with one subscription, you get unlimited access to all their content.  Your consumption is metered by appetite, not economics.


This is precisely what we’re doing for enterprise software. Currently, scarcity still reigns. When you’re making bets about what technologies are going to matter and what tools will drive your digital transformation, you’re typically limited by budgets. You can only afford to buy so much IT. You’re forced to place the bets you hope will have the most impact.


To eliminate those constraints, we were inspired by this consumer content model. Bring Netflix to enterprise software. Give you access to everything we have in a library that grows bigger and better over time.


Some of this may sound familiar. Aurea Prime was the first incarnation of this idea … and along the way, we learned that we made it too complicated. You could get this product, but not that product, or only this amount. You could get Standard, but not Enterprise. And the pricing was confusing. It didn’t distinguish between customers who were investing $10 million per year and $10,000 per year. So we decided to change all of that - with the new Aurea.


In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more information on how you can take advantage of your Aurea software library subscription.  And in 2019 we'll be looking to bring to you more exciting innovation - both by organically innovating on the products already in the library as well as acquiring new software products that can extend or enhance the value of the products you are already using.


Our vision is to spend billions on software so you don’t have to. This is a big idea and a big change. Our mission is to reinvent enterprise software, and we’re betting our business on this concept of unlimited possibility. And we couldn’t be more excited to have you along for the journey.

As you may have heard, our long-time customer, Vodafone Ukraine, was recently honored with a Gold Step Two 2018 Intranet and Digital Workplace Award. The leading Ukrainian mobile operator has been using Jive for four years to successfully fuel employee collaboration and strategic alignment. As a result, the organization doubled its employee net promoter scores, achieved over 88 percent adoption, and saved over $2 million through increased employee efficiency (by spending less time in meetings and making corporate memory searchable).


On November 13, we’ll hear from world-class internal communications experts like Tetiana Kipiani and Andriy Yaremko from Vodafone Ukraine, as well as Anna Kravets, CEO, ANROM Social Business, during our digital workplace track at Aurea Experience 18 in Munich:


Breakout Session: Tuesday, 13 November, 1pm

Title: How to fuel a world-class digital workplace to encourage action, innovation and drive real business results

Recipient of the prestigious 2018 Worldwide Intranet and Digital Workplace Award, Vodaphone Ukraine, and their partner ANROM, share the challenges and lessons learned in achieving over 88 percent community adoption, driving improved employee satisfaction and delivering millions of dollars in cost savings with their Jive community. This session will leave you with plenty of techniques for engaging employees and best practices you can implement within your community today.


In preparation for Aurea Experience, I recently checked in with the Vodafone team to find out more about how they’ve using Jive to achieve these fantastic results. Here are some highlights from our conversation.


Katherine: Which best practices surrounding Vodafone Ukraine’s community adoption and employee engagement are you most proud of?


Tetiana Kipiani, Head Employee Learning & Development and Internal Communications, Vodafone Ukraine:

We are very grateful to the Jive platform for its flexibility and technical possibilities, which have been helping to bring all our ideas to life for the past four years. We are really proud of all the customizations that we were able to implement in PROSTOR (what we call our Jive-powered digital workplace). Those unique features allow us to use the intranet as a driver for organizational change and cultural transformation. They are:


  1. OVATIONS, a module that lets people give digital thanks to colleagues


  1. Vodafone Smart City, a gamified module for volunteer activities


  1. In touch with Executives, online chat rooms with our top leadership


  1. Agile Knowledge Base, where we promote tools for flexible management models


All of these creative UX/UI design solutions effectively support real business processes and strengthen the main vectors of our company's development strategy.


Katherine: How do you think workplace technologies and mindsets need to evolve to address employees’ changing needs?


Natalia Humenyuk, Expert on Employee Development and Internal Communications, Vodafone Ukraine:


We believe all intranet functionality should be interesting, useful and attractive to users in the first place. At the same time, digital workplaces should contribute to the achievement of business objectives. It’s useful to follow the trends as well, because your digital workplace solution must align with the processes and phenomena that are happening globally.


And it's not just about business. Sometimes, to keep users engaged, you need a bit of hype. The source of your inspiration could be found in showbusiness, mass media, etc. For example, for the last couple of years, we have been pursuing the challenge of creating a strong community of corporate bloggers. We call this project “Vodafone’s Bloggers Hub.” We’ve taken employees all around the country and taught them all the subtleties and tricks of vlogging, copywriting, photo blogging, etc. We’ve taken all the risks and just done it.


This case was even recently recognized by global intranet community. The jury of the Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards 2018 noted our project as a unique and courageous example of adding a strong blogging ingredient to the company's corporate culture mix. So, do not be afraid to be modern in a corporate environment -- this is our credo.


Katherine: What are you most looking forward to next week during the Aurea Experience conference?


Andriy Yaremko, Expert on Employee Development and Internal Communications, Vodafone Ukraine:

It will be our first participation in this kind of professional event. We are looking forward to meeting like-minded people. We are ready to share our stories of the ups and downs of our PROSTOR community. We want to learn about the successful use cases of colleagues, intranet trends and, then, use this knowledge to improve Vodafone Ukraine’s PROSTOR. And of course, we will be happy to share some tips from our experience of winning global awards.

This year, we were excited to welcome the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – an impartial, independent and neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and violence – to the Jive and Aurea family. The organization brought in Jive to empower colleagues to work across regions on important thematic areas such as urban violence and creating better conditions for people living in detention centers. I’ve been inspired over the past year as I’ve had the honor to support the ICRC in their efforts to help manage major change processes and improve social collaboration.


On November 12 and 13, we’ll hear from Ernesto Izquierdo, ICRC's social collaboration project manager, at Aurea Experience 18. He’ll share how the organization is using Jive to enable conversations that cut across hierarchies and locations as part of our opening keynote presentations and our employee engagement track in Munich.



Breakout Session: Tuesday, 13 November, 2pm

Title: Advanced and innovative engagement techniques

Got the basics down for engaging your employees using your Jive platform? Getting to the next level can be a challenge. Ernesto Izquierdo from ICRC and the UBM team have some creative ideas for using Jive as the basis for unique and specific types of engagement, including techniques for more productive meetings and linking peer-to-peer recognition with charitable giving.






In preparation for Aurea Experience, I recently checked in with Ernesto to find out more about how the ICRC is using Jive to support over 50 internal communities and facilitate their work on several humanitarian projects.


Michelle: Which best practices surrounding ICRC communities are you most proud of?


Ernesto: Our colleagues work in over 80 countries, and Jive is enabling us to work together across regions in ways we were not able before. We use Jive to drive conversations about our new institutional strategy and engage our 18,000 staff on a single hub. It helps us get feedback from people who are directly involved with the implementation of our strategy across all the many places we work.


Some of the subjects we work in are highly confidential, and unlisted groups in Jive help those teams discuss topics and securely capture decisions instead of asking questions over email and getting lost in all the exchanges. For example, one of our teams used to send over 100 emails to discuss and validate one biomedical item. Now all this discussion takes place in one single thread via Jive. This improves the effectiveness of our work and ultimately increases our capacity to help people caught up in armed conflict and violence.



Michelle: How do workplace technology and people’s mindsets need to evolve to address employees' changing needs?


Ernesto: Regarding the mindsets, we are building specific trainings for our managers, called

“Managing in the digital age at the ICRC.” Our aim is to explore together how we can do things differently and more effectively with new digital tools. Of course, we need to take a step-by-step approach, listen to what people value about their current ways of working, and show them how new practices such as “working out loud” could help drive our teams to learn from what and how others are doing things, as well as ease communication across hierarchies and silos.


At the same time, we have to understand and respect that not everyone will want to use social technologies. We are the oldest existing humanitarian organization, so we know how to adapt to changing environments. However, the speed with which digitalization is changing work processes and transforming every single aspect of life is still a challenge, but one that we are embracing. In order to facilitate this evolution for digital workplace technologies, we need to invest more and more in user experience, and in providing an easy journey for our ICRC staff. By keeping simple processes to under two or three steps, we can ensure that people maintain their ability to respond quickly to humanitarian needs worldwide.


Michelle: What are you looking forward to next month during the Aurea Experience 18 conference?


Ernesto: I'm looking forward to meeting great community specialists, such as Jon Ingham and Dan Thomas, and seeing how other organizations are using Jive to achieve their objectives. I'd like to have honest discussions, not only about positive achievements, but also about real challenges and how people are tackling them. I'm also really interested to learn more about Jive and Aurea's on-premises roadmap.

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