For Christmas I received a journal called The 52 lists project. Unsurprisingly, the very first prompt is "List your goals and dreams for this year."  There's something about being prompted to answer this question every year for as long as I can remember that has scrubbed out any sense of obligation to fulfill any of my "resolutions." However, I do love journaling, so I dutifully went to work scribbling down a list.


After jotting down a few, my fiancé peered over my shoulder and frowned. "These aren't goals for 2017, these are things that you are going to DO."



                                               My New Year's "Resolutions"


My (not so) clever retort was: "At least I know these will come true!" To be honest, I was so excited for 2017 that I didn't want to start out the year rehearsing all the ambitious promises I made to myself (the journal provided two full pages for all my goals ). I wanted to dive into the new year with excitement, anticipation and a healthy set of things to DO (not goals).


Here are some personal things I'll be doing in 2017:


  • Becoming an O'Meara (Hint: expect a name change in May! )
  • Visiting Kentucky for the first time
  • Taking up knitting again to make homemade Christmas gifts for next year
  • Turning 26
  • Studying Japanese at LEAST one hour a week
  • Getting a puppy (to be coming in June)


As a community manager here are some things I'll be doing in JiveWorks in 2017:


  • Assisting in launching and running new online learning courses for new members (or old members!)
  • Consistently writing helpful blogs in JiveTalks (let me know if you have any blog posts you would like to see!)
  • Making sure all ideas with over 50 points in Ideas for Jive are seen and considered by the right parties
  • Responding to questions in a timely manner OR finding someone who can answer the question
  • Connecting with as many of you as possible in JiveWorks, through blog post interview (such as How I Work blog series) and/or at JiveWorld!
  • Continuing to enjoy engaging in JiveWorks with the incredible collection of people from an array of companies, places and backgrounds


2016 was a great year, but I'm not too sad because 2017 is going to be even more awesome!



Okay, now that I've told you all about my year, how about you? What will YOU be doing in 2017? We'd love to hear what you are looking forward to in 2017 (work-related or not) so we can celebrate with you!


Now last but not least...


Happy New Year JiveWorks community! I look forward to this year with you!