Portland is home to our largest office, where our spirited Jivers work hard and enjoy the city’s gorgeous urban parks, world-renowned craft beers, famous food cart scene, unusual doughnuts, and, well, yes... this guy, too.


Ask many Portlanders what truly defines the city though, and they’ll tell you it’s their hometown heroes, the Portland Trail Blazers. The NBA’s Blazers are a Portland institution; and it was quite exciting when they chose to team up with Jive!


The Trail Blazers organization wanted to cultivate a unified culture across its front office employees and part-time event staff. They selected Jive to implement a collaboration hub for internal communications, project collaboration and employee support. Mike Janes, the Trail Blazers Vice President of Engineering and Technology told us, “We partnered with Jive to launch this solution because of your proven success in delivering communication and collaboration best practices.”


Although the team is renowned for their exploits on the court (which include 32 playoff appearances and an NBA championship), they’re nearly as well-known for their community involvement in Portland. Former Blazer great Bill Walton said, “Basketball is one of those rare opportunities where you can make a difference, not only for yourself, but for other people as well.” The Blazers organization has taken that sentiment to heart. Its stated mission is to “positively impact under-served kids and families where they live, learn, and play,” which includes the environment, education and sports. The Trail Blazers Foundation works with local nonprofits such as Girls Inc., Black Parent Initiative, and Latino Network, as well as Adaptive Sports Northwest and Community Cycling Center to help kids of all backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities to achieve their dreams. While it’s an honor to be working with a high-profile sports franchise, it's even more gratifying to see its collaborative spirit cross over into the organization's commitment to the community.


In business, as in sports, outstanding teamwork is the difference between moving the ball down the court or getting sidelined. To follow all the way through, your organization’s players must be aligned and driving toward the same goal. At Jive, we’re proud to be able to assist the Portland Trail Blazers in achieving their inspiring goals; especially when they hit so close to home. For our friends and colleagues at the Blazers, Happy New Year --this picture of Jive spirit and support is for you!