2017.1.11_blog_handshake.jpgJust like you don’t teach someone to ride a bike by handing them a bike and a manual, you don’t hand your partner your product and a manual on how to sell the product. Well – at least you shouldn’t. While a dedicated few may learn to ride a bike through self-perseverance and repetition, your partners shouldn’t have to and in the end may be detrimental for your business as they learn through trial and error.


Partner enablement is a vital part of many companies to improve their scale and reach and extend relationships to other companies through their partners. The success of their partnership is heavily reliant on the sales enablement process – information, communication and staying up to date. As Sterling Bailey points out in his article, “Partners who receive strong enablement from a brand are much more likely to sell the products from that brand.”


So how can you drive successful partner enablement? Sterling outlines three key points in his article, including best practice tips for each point. He highlights onboarding, training/certification and building effective, bidirectional communication. The bottom line? Drop the megaphone approach to reach your partners. Bulk emails will go unread and they won't be up to date on the latest product features, upgrades and news. Read the article for more information on the importance of partners and how to build and maintain those crucial relationships.