Eight years. The Community Roundtable has been doing its annual research on the landscape of community management for close to a decade, much of which has been supported by Jive because Jive realizes how critical this research is to the success of your programs.


We have learned a lot in that time and this research has contributed to the discipline by:

  • Consolidating and determining standard practices within community management, making it less of a mystery and more predictable
  • Documenting the complexity of doing community management well, while at the same time providing a structure that helps people understand it
  • Emphasizing the need to take a strategic, intentional and proactive approach to efficiently build communities
  • Highlighting the practices that correlate with success; practices like building roadmaps, advocacy programs, welcome processes and more
  • Defining the strategic value of community, culminating in a standard community ROI model


Just in the last year, we've made huge strides in adding financial and analytic rigor to the discipline - and just in time, because executives are paying attention. With strategic attention comes more scrutiny and the need to prove that communities return meaningful results while at the same time requiring education about how to make these programs successful - and the investment required to do so.


By simply participating you will get three important benefits:

  • Ideas about what is important to successful community management
  • Scores for each competency in the Community Maturity Model that will help you prioritize projects and compare your progress against the research
  • Your current community ROI


We'll also throw in a gift card for coffee to thank you for your time, as it is more than your average online survey and will take you about 30 minutes.

Please consider helping us make this year the best year yet for our research.


Also, please consider sharing the survey with your peers who run communities or community programs:


Thank you - we could not do this research without your participation!