We've recently launched a new program here in JiveWorks, the Mentorship Program. Jive Mentors Program: Overview


We are rather excited about it, because this program links experts (of any level) to beginners (of any level) in a short mentee/mentor relationship. I think it's important to note what I show in parentheses ("of any level"). I say this because we are all beginners and we are all experts, depending on what we need to learn and what we have to offer.


Please consider joining into this program. We are in particular need of mentors at this time. The time commitment is about 1 1/2 hours over the period of a few months (three 30 minute chats). Don't feel like you have to solve all of the mentees challenges, you just need to get them pointed in the right direction! And if you are a mentee looking for a mentor, considering also being a mentor to someone who needs your expertise!  Like I said, we are all experts as well as beginners.



What are the benefits of participating?


  • Build your expertise. Mentors are provided with a unique experience to apply their expertise outside of their organization and network with peers from different organizations.
  • Points, points, points! Additionally, the Jive Mentors Program is another opportunity for mentors to progress within the Jive Advocates Program. Mentors will receive 450 points for every mentee they mentor to completion. That's more than a quarter of the way towards a free JiveWorld ticket! Additionally, Advocates can receive special recognition and privileges in JiveWorks, including special rewards such as the chance to participate in industry thought leadership activities, a special badge after becoming a Jive Champion, discounted tickets and VIP experience at JiveWorld (VIP seating, Champions meet-up), and more.
  • Valuable insights. Mentees receive coaching, guidance, and the opportunity to build valuable relationships with experienced social business leaders. The true value of the Jive Mentors Program is realized when mentees achieve the objectives they envisioned.


To learn more about the program please read the blog Jive Mentors Program: Overview which explains everything!


To go directly to the sign-up sheet, see: Open Mentoring Opportunities