2017.1.23_AI_voice_vocals.jpgThe autocorrect function has been an integral part of our digital lives by increasing our messaging speed and occasionally turning our spelling errors into correctly spelled but incomprehensive sentences. But that's old news now. The new game changer in the home and workplace is voice-first capabilities.  Voice-recognition can now beat your typing speed on a keyboard by 300% according to a recent study from Stanford University. While it has been around a while, long gone are the days of shouting short simple phrases at Siri (who still managed to misunderstand).


Instead of spending a better part of your morning sifting through emails, making a to-do list and scheduling meetings, you will soon be able to do all that through voice commands. The AI will be able to understand what's important based on your network of colleagues and organize information for you from your interactive intranet which is why the interactive intranet is here to stay - the AI needs to get the information from somewhere! IBM's AI, Watson, mastered trivia on Jeopardy thanks to its access to 200 million pages of content. Just as you're always learning and staying informed at work, the AI in the workplace will need the same information to assist you while filtering out the noise of unrelated information.


As David Puglia points out in his article, in pairing with AI "employees will be more engaged, more productive and less stressed throughout the workday." I don't know about you, but I always welcome more productivity with less stress in my life! Read the full article to see how far we have already come with products from Apple, Amazon and Cisco, and where we are heading from here.


How would you like to see voice-first integrated into your work life?