Elisa_steele_Jive_CEO.pngAt Jive we are proud of the direction our company is headed because we have an incredible leader and visionary at the helm. Our CEO, Elisa Steele, makes it a priority to be transparent about who Jive is and where we are going in a fragmented landscape that's crowded with other collaboration tools that only add to the problem.


In a new Forbes article, "Elisa Steele Positions Jive For Enterprise Collaboration And Communications Platform Future," Elisa makes it clear that our mission is to solve fragmentation in the age where everyone has their favorite apps that have a narrow focus. It's great that we found the tools we love, but how do we use them without creating silos? Jive let's you use the tools you want, whenever and where you want by integrating "with all of these other applications and systems that are causing difficulty in managing your work environment in the enterprise."


Starting as a Jive customer in 2006, Elisa Steele saw Jive's potential firsthand. After working at a variety of jobs in high school that were "oriented towards working with customers, getting to know people, and about being excited to make someone's day great," Elisa found a way to channel her passion through Jive. This, coupled with her confidence in Jive, made her an ideal candidate for CEO.  Elisa's experience in customer service, sales and marketing with companies like Yahoo!, Skype and Microsoft have made Elisa Steele a driven and powerful leader for Jive.


Read the full article to learn more about Elisa's vision for Jive and how her past has brought her to where she is now. We want you to be as confident about Jive's road map as we are, so let us introduce you to the driver at the wheel!


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