2017.3.8 Women's International Day.jpg"Let today be the day you open a new door for a working woman in your world," says Elisa Steele, Jive CEO, in her post today on LinkedIn. Today is International Women's Day, where we celebrate women and their accomplishments. We have accomplished so much, and yet still have so far to go. You can focus on the fact that the pay gap still remains at 20 percent or you can celebrate that there are more female CEOs in the Fortune 500 than ever before. I prefer to focus on the latter, while remembering that the fight isn't over. Let's remember this day so that we don't become complacent! In her post, Elisa has words of encouragement for everyone, that "each of us, in all different meaningful ways, have the power to make a difference for the women in our lives."


Elisa calls out some Jive customers who have made differences in the lives of women including Pink Petro, the GoDaddy CEO and the HeForShe movement. Read the LinkedIn post for inspiring words and encouragement -- from a woman who overcame obstacles and became a CEO herself. Elisa continues to be an inspiring leader and empowering role model for all of us at Jive, and I hope you find encouragement in her words and actions.


So please take a moment today and remember what you have done to help women, or think about what you can do to open doors for women in your life.


Please share your story to inspire us in the JiveWorks community to keep moving forward together!