Corp memory small.jpgBreaking down silos requires more than just software – it requires a change of mindset. Up until now we have been trained to work independently and share our work only after countless drafts. When we come across something outside our expertise, we do the research and find the answers for ourselves because we don’t know who to ask. What if we could collaborate to bring in other experts, build on the work of others and have the support to improve speed and productivity?


We can’t change the way we work if we can’t change the way we think about work. In the article Corporate memory: the secret ingredient for success in the ‘age of the customer’ John Schneider, VP of Product Marketing, explains strategic ways to rethink work, as well as how to utilize collaboration software to foster corporate memory, break down silos and help your company work more effectively in cross-departmental teams. In the face of rapid change in the information age, companies face culture shock as they struggle to meet the the new customer expectation of being engaged with the company and to understand that highly skilled and specialized knowledge workers are the cornerstone of a business’ success.


It’s an issue that some have tried to solve by tossing the latest apps at their employees which only creates more noise and misalignment between them and their company leaders. In the end, it causes more fragmentation with duplicated work across the company, disjointed communication and an increase in the employee turnover rate. Even with collaboration software, it takes a dramatic evolution in the nature of work to truly understand how to connect your employees making more visible, more productive and more collaborative with other teams.


There's an undeniable advantage of integrating products so everyone can work in a visible environment without losing the freedom to use the tools they prefer. When you combine the meta-knowledge gleaned from your collaboration hub and visibility of integrated products together, you can easily pull together a powerful and productive team of experts to meet the need of a specific project. You can even take collaboration a step further by connecting your employees to your customers to engage and benefit from their feedback and advice, building a relationship that will keep your customers involved and aware of your organization.


Read the full article now to help you utilize Jive to its full potential to preserve corporate memory, build teams, relationships and drive visibility across the company whether it’s with employees or customers.