The automotive industry has come along way in the past hundred years, and it's only picking up speed. John Schneider, VP of Product at Jive Software, addresses this change in Solving for industry-level collaboration in automotive. He explains how innovation is happening so quickly that "the latest 'must have' feature can become obsolete, making a new vehicle a 'have not' before it even goes into production." For car manufacturers, trying to create value for their customers is as much a technological problem as it is a traditional automotive one. Staying ahead of the curve is going to require better collaboration, communication and predictive analytics to assist in making smart decisions.


This isn't just about cars anymore – it's about technology, alternative energy and catering to demographics that will require cross-collaboration between teams and industries to make themselves relevant in today's world. Lyft has partnered with GM, Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler AG is partnering with Uber, and Porsche with Audi.  What better way to achieve the end goal of self-driving vehicles, increasing the attractiveness of ridesharing, or new vehicle architectures for future mobility than by connecting through a Collaboration Hub where information can be shared, utilized and collaborated on regardless of area of expertise, industry or geographic location?



Read the article to find out how:

  • Universal ID and borderless search is seamless at any scale
  • the Collaboration Hub can break down silos to eliminate redundancies and pull together the best team across the organization
  • Predictive Analytics help leaders visualize interactions, identify new opportunities faster than competitors, and more


This is the age where collaboration across industries is a crucial step toward better innovation and creating value for the customer. Without a Collaboration Hub to provide a place to collaborate, preserve corporate memory, and effectively connect teams together, organizations will find themselves falling behind in automotive industry where innovation is key.


I don't know about you, but I'm excited for my self-driving car, alternate energy options to fossil fuel, and even better ridesharing options innovated by the collaborative effort from multiple industries!