It happens to all of us – we get that false sense of productivity as we throw ourselves into meetings, internal blogs and enthusiastic cross-functional conversations with the newest messaging app. It's all good and great until it suddenly hits you in the middle of yet another meeting - didn't we already have this conversation? It’s like a stationary bike where you’re pedaling frantically but you aren’t really going anywhere. You have the tools you need to be more efficient and yet you end up being even less productive.


In my article on CMSwire, I take the late baseball catcher Yogi Berra’s words of wisdom and draw a parallel with how most of us tend to work: “It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking to much.”


Within the article I dive into how talking is the stationary bike of the workplace when what we really need is conversation and decision-making to take us to the places we have only talked about. A new Deloitte survey found that while there may be a lot of communication and document sharing going on in today’s digital workplace, often times there isn’t much decision making happening in those places.


I touch on why there is such a serious disconnect between these tools and desired results such as:

  • Messaging tools end up more addictive and less productive because it’s easy to feel productive without accomplishing anything of value.
  • Document sharing can easily become siloed and fragmented when using a variety of solutions, which results in a distinct lack of actual collaboration.


To remedy this concerning chasm between talk and conversation, I introduce the solution of a collaboration hub. This is notably different than other collaboration platforms in that it provides a single platform for enterprise search, advanced analytics and reporting, as well as capturing corporate memory.


Read the full article to find out more about what the digital workplace struggles with, why they are stuck on the stationary bike and how a collaboration hub can bring everything together to keep the company pedaling forward.