Whether it's through in-person training, videos or documentation, every community should have an onboarding process. That's why we want to make it easier for your users to jump in and start utilizing your community right away. To help you get your newest members onboarded and engaged, we have compiled a list of basic Getting Started documents for you to adapt and use in your own community.


These documents are available in the Getting Started space which we have intentionally made generic not only to help new users get onboarded into the JiveWorks community, but also to be repurposed for your own community. Before copying them over to your community, we recommend taking a pass and swapping out references to"JiveWorks" with your own community name. You might also consider adding your own branded colors, if you have them.


Here's a list to get you started:


Getting Started: Starting a Discussion

Getting Started: Creating a Status Update

Getting Started: Creating a Collaborative Document

Getting Started: Creating a Question

Getting Started: Creating and Managing Custom Streams

Getting Started: Creating a Blog Post

Getting Started: Creating a Poll

Getting Started: Creating a New Idea

Getting Started: Creating a New Event

Getting Started: Creating a New Video

Getting Started: Introduction to Places

Getting Started: Sharing Content

NEW Introduction and Installation Guide: Jive for Office

NEW Introduction and Installation Guide: Jive for Outlook


Have any suggestions? Let us know what kind of documentation would be helpful for onboarding new users in your community in the comments below!