Imagine you're a corporate communication professional for Big Rock Trading Company and you're looking to create a leadership and corporate communication place that allows you to communicate out important announcements while directly engaging with your employees. In your place, you want to host leadership blogs, executive "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions, and the latest media coverage. In our latest "Tips and Tricks" video, we walk you through the basics to set up a thriving leadership and corporate communications place in Jive.



Leadership and Corporate Communications


Step 1:

Plan. What are the main use cases for your Leadership and Corporate Communications place? Think about the content that you want to be distributed to all of your employees. This could include CEO blogs and regular AMAs where employees can ask questions to company executives.


After deciding on these use cases, you can develop an editorial calendar and start creating content. In the case of Big Rock Trading Company, we decided on these goals:

  • The latest media coverage = Sub-space that highlights mentions of company in news outlets, updated weekly
  • Internal communication = Directs to repository of posts including important announcements and communications to the company by HR and execs for all employees
  • Corporate blogs = Directs to repository of blog posts by CEO and executives
  • Executive AMAs = Directs to latest AMA session where users can submit questions for execs


Step 2:

Designing your place.

Keeping in mind the key calls-to-action that we decided on in Step 1, here's how that might play out in Big Rock's design for their communications place. Notice they included:

                   1. Latest Media Coverage button (main use case)

                    2. Internal Communications button (main use case)

                    3. Corporate blogs button (main use case)

                   4. Executive Ask Us Anything (main use case)

                    5. Latest CEO Blog Call to Action (using image gallery tile)

                   6. Communications Experts (Featured experts as main contacts for the place)



Step 3:

Launching your place, spreading awareness.

Before launching your place make sure:

  • Place owners and key executives know what is expected of them and the editorial calendar in place
    • Place owners = should know tips on measuring data of place, monitoring content, creating an editorial calendar, etc.
    • Key executives = should know tips on creating impactful blogs, engaging with place content, etc.


When launching your place you can:

  • Spread awareness of your new place through multiple channels such as:
  • Encourage other execs and community influencers to engage with the new place's content
    • For example, execs can comment on each other's blogs, "like" communication posts, etc. to encourage the use of the place


Step 4:

Manage and grow, review your metrics.

Tracking data from your Leadership and Corporate Communications place is an important way to measure its success and help redefine your engagement plan. Make sure you:

  • View the Impact Metrics of key pieces of content
    • Gives data on who has seen the content (individuals and departments), how the content was received (sentiment analysis), the global reach of your content, number of viewers, etc. 
  • View the place reports
    • Gives data on user adoption, content creation, key pieces of content, active users, etc.


You can then discuss this data with your key stakeholders to discuss improvements to your place over time.


Have other suggestions about best practices when setting up a Leadership and Corporate Communications place in Jive? Tell us in the comments below!