Originally published on the Jive Software site on June 30, 2016.


Spectrum Health is a not-for-profit health system based in West Michigan that offers a full continuum of care. It is comprised of 12 hospitals and Priority Health, a health plan with about 715,000 members.


The creation of a “One HR” experience for employees and leaders at 130 service sites streamlined, integrated and prioritized key messages and initiatives. The organization is leveraging their Jive-powered InSite community to connect more than 23,000 employees from various departments and geographic locations, resulting in measurable increased employee engagement through locally owned content, access to information and connectivity to and between individuals and groups.


Spectrum Health was honored for their innovative use of Jive’s Interactive Intranet and how they’re leveraging it to engage employees at JiveWorld16, taking home the 2016 Jive Award for “Transforming Employee Engagement for HR.”Specifically, the award recognized the company for how they have embraced a programmatic two-way dialog for organizational communication, improved employee engagement and unlocked the creative, innovative greatness often locked away in people’s one-on-one conversations.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Spectrum Health’s Corporate Communications and Enterprise Community Manager, Don Shell, to get his perspective on how Jive’s Interactive Intranet has impacted the company and how they utilize it on a day-to-day basis.


Spectrum Health's Don Shell Shares How Jive's Interactive Intranet Has Transformed the Way Employees Work, Connect and Align


Jive: If you had to sum up what Jive is to Spectrum Health in one sentence, what would you say?
Don: Jive is the catalyst to transforming the way we work, the engine we use to drive change, in an organization with a bold vision and in an industry that is evolving by the minute.


Jive: What are the top 3 benefits your company has experienced using Jive? Are there any metrics you can provide?

Don: Jive really has changed the way we connect, communicate and collaborate, in meaningful and measurable ways. From connecting 450 super users of our Electronic Medical Record system in a cohesive way, to creating a true source of communication, with 1.2 million news article page views last year, Jive is changing the way we interact with each other. It’s also changing where and how we look for information. Maybe the best metric is the 1,300 answered questions in our community (with a best-in-class 82% resolution rate), which are the gift that keeps giving. It’s estimated we’ve created more than $9.8 million in business value by using Jive, but I’d say the true benefits go way beyond a dollar value.


Jive: What department(s) in your company utilize Jive and how does each one uniquely leverage the community to accomplish group tasks/projects and achieve department goals?

Don: At Spectrum Health, we use Jive as our primary intranet, and are gradually migrating off of legacy systems such as SharePoint. More and more departments are migrating every day, and all of our 200 departments will leverage Jive in some way by the end of the year. Already we’ve seen more than 3,500 sites created, from official departmental “front doors” for the organization, to collaborative sites, affinity groups and others. Our Human Resources space, “My Life” transformed 75 disparate communications channels into a cohesive, one-stop shop on Jive, generating 1.3 million views last year and even winning the 2016 JiveWorld “Transforming HR” award!


Jive: What has Jive’s biggest impact been on you, personally? How has it changed the way you work?

Don: The great thing about Jive is that it helps us integrate our work lives with our true selves, and to scale our efforts far more easily than we ever could “in real life.” It’s helped me get to know our large health system—and especially the people in it—much quicker and easier than I ever could without it. It’s helped me help people in departments all across the system, to make connections between people, and to collaborate with my cross-departmental team in ways I never could before. Like many of our employees, it also makes me feel better connected and aligned with our vision.


Jive: Looking forward 5 years, how do you foresee Jive supporting your company’s vision?

Don: Our Vision is to be the national leader for health by 2020. To realize that, we need to embrace changing technology and a changing health care industry, and we need to collaborate as a system and share ideas better than we ever have before. Jive will help us streamline and standardize our processes, share information, and get us moving as an organization in the same direction—forward.