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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller


AureaWorks provides a platform for collaboration, but there is no collaboration without people. This is a place for you – Aurea customers – not only to get updates on your products, but also to share your best practices, ask questions of other community members, and inspire ideas to make the most out of your Aurea product(s). You know the saying that two heads are better than one? What about the knowledge and experience of over a thousand heads put together? That's what AureaWorks does, thanks to all of its participating community members.


While we have so many amazing and helpful individuals here in the community, all of us at Aurea wanted to take this time to give a special shout out to one person in particular that has stood out in the AureaWorks community, going above and beyond in helping out her fellow community members – Helen Chen from Carbon Black!


Helen at JiveWorld17!

Helen hanging out with a dragon at JiveWorld


You've probably seen Helen around the community and seen firsthand the impact she's made in AureaWorks over the past several months answering questions, offering advice, and even planning and hosting the Jive Boston User Group along with Stephanie Field. We want to thank her for her contribution to the collaboration happening in AureaWorks on a daily basis. There have been so many times I've logged into AureaWorks prepared to answer questions only to realize that Helen already beat me to it! It's absolutely incredible to see people like Helen offering a helping hand to someone who is new or experimenting with a new idea. This is truly what collaboration is all about.

The past several months we have been so grateful to Helen for her proactive stance on answering questions and helping out other AureaWorks members when she can. We also want to acknowledge the time she has taken out of her day to help out in AureaWorks and with the Jive Boston User Groups.


I hope you all join us in thanking Helen for being an impactful presence in the community and for all the work she has done for her peers.


Thank you for being a part of the AureaWorks community, the Jive family, and always being willing to help out people in need, Helen!



~ Sarah O'Meara and the AureaWorks Community Management Team



P.S. As a little thank you, we are awarding you with a special AureaWorks badge and 1,000 points.

Chat apps are everywhere in the enterprise, and rightfully so. Email is inefficient, nobody (unfortunately) answers the phone anymore, and teams are looking for ways to get work done faster. Real-time messaging apps provide exactly that: a place for employees to gather quickly, seek expertise and stay connected across dozens of departments, offices and countries. But chat should only be one part of a company’s larger real-time collaboration strategy. While chat can bring big benefits, it too often results in fragmented conversations that don’t actually help your business become more efficient on a whole.


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