Our AlertFind team recently created a very helpful active shooter assessment tool for businesses. Whether or not you use our AlertFind emergency notification system today, any company can benefit from this valuable exercise, which will help you think about how best to protect your offices against such an attack.


With 20-year law enforcement veteran Jason Bryant, we put together the free tool to provide evidence-based, concrete recommendations that can help HR and risk management teams protect employees. No one can predict where an active shooter will strike next, and the sad truth is that business locations have been the site of nearly half of these events over the past 15 years. Yet most companies have no formal plan for the first three minutes of an attack — the average amount of time it takes law enforcement to arrive on the scene.


According to Mr. Bryant:


“Creating a plan, implementing recommended procedures and practicing them with employees are the best ways companies can ready their workforce for the stress and panic of an attack. Tools like the AMS AlertFind assessment provide a framework that can help businesses increase their employees’ chance of survival during an active shooter event.”


For instance, the framework includes tips on how to control your entrances and identify interior shelters, as well as implement physical improvements to office spaces. It also explains why it is so critical to adopt a notification system and have an active shooter preparedness plan and trainings in place, so employees know what to do if the worst happens.


I encourage anyone interested in learning more to check out our many useful active shooter preparedness resources at https://alertfind.com/activeshooter/.